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Save Toilet Paper with Poetry…

Walt Whitman and Robert Frost will soon be spinning in their graves. Japan plans to use poetry to encourage people to cut down on toilet paper.


Apparently, wiping too much is a major cause of global warming in the country.

Researchers claim putting a poem at eye-level of someone sitting on the bowl can actually reduce toilet paper usage by up to 20%.

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From the Organic Authority Files

And Japanese turd-smiths have crafted catchy snippets like, "Fold the paper over and over and over again," reports Reuters, or just "Love the toilet." The group behind the idea wants to post these sayings in 1,000 public toilets.

Now, the rise in the number of public bathrooms in Japan is being blamed for the increased usage of toilet paper. Since it’s free, people are more inclined to be wasteful. The pooper poems should help save water too. Holy crap!

Via Earth First.

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