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Snoop Dogg Wrote a Cookbook, and It's Not About Weed

Snoop Dogg Wrote a Cookbook, and It's Not About Weed

Imagine it's 1997, you've got "The Doggfather" on full-blast in your parents' smoky basement. You're polishing up your Air Jordans, ready to roll another fatty. Snoop Dogg was still cozy with Dr. Dre and souped-up Cadillacs, gin and juice firmly planted in one hand and a blunt (or two) in the other. All was right with the world.

If someone told you back then that just 20 years later not only would there be a brief reggae "Snoop Lion" phase, but Snoop would still be cozy with a mogul, only instead of Dre, these days it's Martha-effing-Stewart. That one. The let's-make-napkin-holders-out-of-pine-cones (while in prison!) Martha. How big was the blunt I must've smoked, you'd likely ask.

But every word of this true. I haven't smoked a blunt since Snoop first made them famous. Gin makes me dizzy. Juice is just pure sugar. I'm as sober as Martha's prison cell.

Not only are Snoop and Stewart serious BFFs, but the duo has a television show, the VH1 Emmy-nominated hit “Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party,” where they cook, eat, and pow-wow with their eclectic group of friends. It's less Odd Couple and more Lucy and Ethel; the duo feeds off each other--they're a bona fide unicorn--us mere mortals are left speechless and teary-eyed at the sheer majesty of this creature that is Martha and Snoop, Snoop and Martha. In a world where anything is possible, this was bound to happen. It had to.

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From the Organic Authority Files

But the fun doesn't stop there. Snoop is taking another cue from Stewart with the launch of his very own cookbook.

The book, “From Crook to Cook” isn't what you'd likely expect (if you're expecting it to be filled with marijuana recipes, as you should. But fear not! There's a line of those books coming in 2020). This is instead as authentic as it gets, featuring Snoop's recipe favorites, “platinum recipes from the boss doggs kitchen.” Everything from mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, and ribs to a legit munchie-motivated meal, the Frito BBQ twists. And yes, of course, there's gin and juice.

It may certainly be munchie-friendly, but it's not for the Dogg's vegan fans (ahem), or his healthy ones, apparently. But it doesn't need to be. Its existence is feast enough. It's yet another offspring from this fecund entertainer, proving that evolution and adaptability are the only things one ever really needs to roll down the street with. Gin and juice, it turns out, are entirely optional.

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