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‘Southern Uncovered’ is More Than a Food Show, It’s About Local Artisans

Southern Uncovered with The Lee Brothers

If you aren’t familiar with the quirky, James Beard Award-winning food writers Ted and Matt Lee, best known as The Lee Bros., get to know them. They are the personalities behind Ovation TV’s latest food show, "Southern Uncovered with The Lee Bros.", and the cookbook "The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen."

What makes this food show refreshingly unique is that it’s not all about food. The Lee Bros. do a fantastic job of incorporating and featuring local artisans that help drive local southern culture.

Matt and Ted shared their unique take on the show with me. Here’s how Matt describes the show:

“Being on Ovation TV, an arts channel, we can go off campus, we can pursue some extra curricular activities. The main thread is food but we can go to a table maker whose tables are placed in a lot of restaurants or get down with a potter who’s digging out clay on a nearby farm to make plates that are placed in restaurants… It actually tracks with the way people travel more closely.”

“Our show is unique because it’s only the southeastern United States, and we are a food culture show. We cover food and everything connected to food,” says Ted.

In the first episode, which highlights Charleston, we get to meet one of the coolest local street artists, a guy named Douglas Panzone who’s famous for his restaurant murals and his Mt. Rushmore like mural in Charleston. The brothers also take us out dancing to learn how to do the Charleston (something they did not learn even though they are natives!).

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The Lee Bros. also uncover some pretty edgy foodie finds along the way like ocean-aged wine. We get to meet Jim Dyke Jr, the founder of Mira Winery out of Napa Valley who ages his cabernet in the Charleston harbor. Is there really a difference? Watch the show to find out!

Matt and Ted also dig deep and take you off the beaten path away from the fancy fine dining and tourist attractions and go deep into local haunts like Martha Lou’s restaurant. Martha Lou’s serves real southern home cooking, which very few restaurants serve these days. There are three generations cooking in this kitchen, Martha Lou, her daughter, and usually one of her grandchildren. Her menu changes daily and features bold, well seasoned, flavors. When asked what her secret ingredient is, Martha Lou says it's love.

In the first six episodes, The Lee Bros. visit Charleston, Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville, New Orleans and Asheville. Summertime is the perfect time to uncover and rediscover good old southern, down home cooking with The Lee Brothers.

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