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Stonyfield Yogurt Invites You: Virtual Scavenger Hunt for Organics!


Anything the real world can do, the virtual world can do better? Well, sort of. It certainly motivated Stonyfield, the world's leading brand of organic yogurt, which has launched a virtual scavenger hunt—taking place exclusively online—called The Great Food Find. Uniting consumers with the organic food brands they love, participants can win prizes as they find organic and natural foods on the web, and one lucky Organic Authority newsletter subscriber will win a $20 gift card from Stonyfield!

In support of Stonyfield's "Know Your Food" campaign, clues to The Great Food Find will be available on Stonyfield's Facebook page and the campaign's website,, which helps individuals explore more information about the food they eat. According to Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg, “It’s clear that we’re in a time when people want to know as much as they can about their food, from who grew the ingredients to how it was produced. The interactive Great Food Find is a fun way to invite people to learn what’s really in the things we eat, and how all of this impacts our bodies, our communities and our planet.” 

The scavenger hunt will send participants to organic food websites including the manufacturer's, as well as Annie’s Homegrown, Happy Family, Sambazon, Woodstock Farms, Nature’s Path, Organic Valley, Applegate Farms, Peanut Butter & Company and Honest Tea, where they must discover and learn about healthy organic food products to put in their virtual scavenger tote bag. As players make all the virtual visits and check the items off of their list, they also get closer to winning many great prizes, including the grand prize: a $15,000 kitchen makeover.

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The Great Food Find runs through May 21st and all participants who finish the hunt will receive coupons from the participating brands.

Happy Hunting!

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