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Thanksiving Roundup from Around the Web

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There's no holiday better suited for foodies than Thanksgiving. The family is around so it's finally time to share your much-practiced cooking chops. In addition to all our Turkey day posts, we have gathered some of our favorite recipes and stories from our friends around the web, including over 15 great recipes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday next Thursday!

1. Maria's Farm Country Kitchen has a delicious recipe for an Autumn Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette.

2. Greenopolis shares with us that something like one in 20 Americans had an ancestor on the Mayflower. Could you be one of them?

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Are you looking for the best organic food that's grown close to you for your Thanksgiving? Check out's map. 

4. To get you in the holiday sprit, Kitchen Daily has posted a wonderful essay by Ellen Sussman called "An Orphan Thanksgiving."

5. If you've got family in town and are looking for something fun and affordable to do with the whole family, check out Nature Rocks. They have great ideas on how to get out in nature near you. 

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