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The 23rd Carnival of Green! is proud to host the 23rd Carnival of Green! This traveling journal of environmentally aware bloggers roams from website to website in the mysterious abyss called the world wide web. We must pay tribute to our founding fathers Al Tepper @ City Hippy and Nick Aster @ Triple . A big thank you goes out to our last week’s host Exuberant Pantaphobia and next week’s host The Evangelical Ecologist.


A food submission for the carnival. A piece of poetry actually, and very quaint to boot. Please check out the post by Dave Ng.

Rachel Kyte writes about the business of biodiversity.The search for market based mechanisms in the absence of regulation and thesearch for replication are growing in importance. In Curitiba at the recent 8th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity the question was no longer what is the role of the private sector in advancing the goals of the Convention, but how.

Mary Ellen, the environmental writer for the Blue Voice political blog explains her coming leave of absence, and some great enviro links for readers to explore.

A little post from Don Bosch of The Evangelical Ecologist on genetically-modified, global warming-resistant rice might interest folks.

If your looking for the latest in floor cleaners, the Worsted Witch writes about eco-friendly floor cleaners.

Enrique at Commonground posts: Amid soaring electricity prices, the renewable energy industry is increasingly being driven by families powering down. Choosing to be living off the grid for environmental or political reasons and by a much faster-rising number of Americans adding solar and wind systems to grid-connected houses.

Siel of writes: Big fair trade orgs you can joinfor the next Carnival of the Green :)

Her post lists the major large national and international fair trade organizations that're focused on grassroots activism for fair trade issues and are open to the public :)

Scott of Greenthinkers posts about why Global Warming Needs a New Name. Maybe the fight against global warming is losing because of the need of a new name, essentially some better marketing.

Rebecca Carter wants to convince people that it's ok not to pre-rinse (pre-wash) dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.

Dee's 'Dotes writes, Pentagon says "Divine Strake" test is environmentally safe. Nevada Governor wants proof that "Divine Strake" test planned for June 2 is"safe". But how can a detonation of 700 tons of explosives above a tunnel cannot possibly be "safe" and when will our elected officials take a standand lead a mass movement to stop the nuclear madness?

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From the Organic Authority Files

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen of Good Green, Bad Green writes: "This month I'm working on a series of posts called Good Green, Bad Green which is a kind of self-analysis of what I'm doing right and what I need to do to improve my green-ness". This week she writes about her laundry room.

Judy at Savvy Vegetarian writes about: CSA - Eating In Season. A new article from passionate, brilliant, poetic Jocelyn Engman, chemist turned organic farmer and CSA owner.

For a look at pre-prepared organic food options for babies read Becky's post.

Elsa of the GreenerSide writes about startup's plans to radiation as a power source for everyday electronics.

Harlan of Grenner Magazine writes about Oslo's efforts to be "greener", literally going down the drain.

Melissa Mansfield of LA Green Living writes about her and a friend discovering a near-dead baby skunk during a daily walk to the park. After some discussion they decided to try to rescue it.

Harlan of Animal Broadcast Network writes a review of the Koala: Moving Portraits of Serenity by Joanne Ehrich, release date 4-30-06.Like a pictorial reflection of Silent Spring, Moving Portraits of Serenity may in fact serve as a template for the very survival of nature, the koala, and ourselves.

Stentor Danielson writes about the Political Ecology of Third World Countries ... Like Montana

Stentor talks about how the types of environmental conflicts that have long been observed in third world countries are playing out in the USA as well.

Richard Caines writes: the IFC has launched a competition provide investors in emerging market equities with better research on companies' social and environmental performance. The Capturing Value will provide grants of up to $500,000 for organizations who can meet this challenge. Entries due by June 30, 2006.

Well that's it for the 23rd Carnival of Green. Thank you again Al and Nick for letting us participate in the fun. Have a blast celebrating Earth Day, April 22, 2006.

Get healthy, go organic !

Laura Lynn Klein

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