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The Buzz on 3 Organic Coffees


People have differing opinions about coffee; I'm one of those people who can't live without it. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning makes my day, and a bad or bitter cup can ruin it. Which is why I've taken the time to seek out three different organic coffees that are tasty and pack the punch to get you going in the morning.

Green Mountain Coffee - French Roast

Green Mountain Coffee offers a variety of organic and free trade coffees which are available in hundreds of grocery stores nationwide, as well as on their website for easy and quick delivery at home. Of all of the coffees they offer, though, one stands out: the French Roast is bold and strong with a dark, complex, roasty flavor. This Guatemalan blend is nearly smoky with a strong, roasted aroma and a smooth flavor and texture. This is the perfect coffee for those who like it bold and strong.

Jim's Organic Coffee - Sumatra Takengon

Jim's Organic Coffee is the kind of company you'd be happy and proud to support. This 25-year-old coffee company with 18 years as an organic roaster imports coffee from all over the world. Not only do they use free trade principles in each of these countries, but they also work hard to support the communities they work with: building libraries and working with schools and orphanages helps the towns and villages prosper.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Jim's Organic Coffee was one of the first roasters to buy organic coffee from Sumatra; this particular coffee is from within the Gayo Mountain. This unique blend is made from coffee that was planted with tea, cinnamon and chili plants, which gives the final cup a spicy, exotic taste and a syrupy depth. It's a great coffee to serve with dessert, especially around the holidays, when cinnamon and spice are in the air!

Strongtree Coffee - CoCo Mojo Espresso

For organic espressos and cappuccinos, try Strongtree Coffee's dark roast CoCo Mojo Espresso. Available in both regular and decaf, this espresso, roasted Monday through Friday and shipped the same day from Hudson, NY for maximum freshness, will bring bold, strong undertones to any espresso drink. These organic shade-grown arabica beans, like any whole-bean coffee, should be kept whole until the last minute; grind just enough to use for your drink. Be sure to try a plain espresso, which will provide a beautiful crema and a clean, dark flavor.

Need more ideas? Try a Homemade Latte, an Organic Pumpkin Spice Latte, or even a New Year's Day Organic Coffee Eggnog with your organic beans.

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