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The Doctor Will See You Now (Through His Google Glass)

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In the race towards the future, Google Glass is proving to be an indispensible accessory, particularly if you're a doctor.

While it still may be creepy on a blind date, or for subway goers sitting across from a Google Glass wearer, it looks like the trend may be here to stay, and with some pretty useful benefits as well.

According to a presentation at the recent Rock Health conference held in San Francisco, Dr. Pierre Theodore explained how he's using Google Glass in surgery, reports Ecouterre, "to help him visualize anatomy while working on the patient."

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During surgery, Google Glass allows the doctor to project images of his patients' anatomy and CT scans, which the doctor could reference during the procedure as needed. He likened the tool as similar to being able to glance into a rearview mirror while driving, providing no distraction to what lay before him, and also offering access to a valuable perspective.

Google Glass also has the ability to record a live surgical procedure, and that could be used for educational purposes with students, and may even offer invaluable benefits in cases of malpractice suits. (Kind of like the cameras mounted on police cars that can record interactions leading to arrests.)

Soon, doctors may also wear Google Glass in routine patient visits, in order to record all data and medical histories, which could dramatically decrease desk time for doctors. Videos could be given to administrative staff to transcribe into medical records.

So while you may still want to avoid going on a date with a Glass wearer, if he's a doctor, maybe give it a second thought.

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