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The Fall Harvest Goodie Box is Back!

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Organic Authority's Fall Harvest Goodie Box

Organic Authority's annual Fall HarvestGoodie Box is back and it's better than ever! Our 2014 edition is loaded with products from 21different brands that will set your kitchen and taste buds on fire.

Get cooking with must-have one-of-a-kind cookware, entertaining accoutrements, cookbooks, sustainably-sourced gourmet culinary treats, and innovative eco-friendly kitchen and gardening accessories.

We have only 50 Goodie Boxes available, each filled with $549+ worth of products for the hot sale price of just $129.00 + free shipping! That's a 76% discount!

Sold Out!

Beginning Thursday, September 25th, we will reveal several brands per day. The Goodie Box will go on sale Monday, September 29th, 2014 at 8 o'clock am Pacific Time. Set your timers and mark your calendars--these will sell out fast. Buy one, two or three, for yourself and all your foodie friends and fam! This offer is only available to the first 50 buyers, when we are out, we are out! Check back daily to see what the big reveals are. Read on to discover today's products.


Mauviel's M'cook Stainless Steel Round 9.5" Cast Stainless Steel Handle Frying Pan
Behind every perfect meal and chef is the perfect cookware. Craft the perfect meal with Mauviel's high-performance M'Cook 9.5 inch round frying pan. Constructed of five layers for controlled even heat distribution, this elegant French-made dynamo works on all cooking surfaces: gas, electric, halogen and is perfect for induction. The five expertly engineered layers include: magnetic stainless steel interior, aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum, and a magnetic stainless steel exterior. Features oversized stay-cool cast stainless steel handles, ergonomically designed for ease of use. Goes from stovetop to oven (oven-safe to 680°F) to table to dishwasher. Includes lifetime warranty.

A fixture in both professional and commercial markets, Mauviel's history testifies to its expert craftsmanship. Ernest Mauviel founded Mauviel manufacturing company in 1830 in the Normandy Village Villedieu-les-Poeles, long-known as "The City of Copper," which boasts an eight-hundred year heritage of copper manufacturing. Mauviel’s rich tradition of copper manufacturing has been handed down from generation to generation. Today, Mauviel continues to offer professional products unsurpassed in quality and design, relied on by acclaimed chefs throughout the world.
Value: $115

True Fabrications

True Fabrications's Tilt Mini Variable Aerator + Country Home Slate Cheese Board + Antique Doorknob Wine Stopper

Earn the reputation of Expert Dinner Party Host with the help of True Fabrications' stylish wine-and-cheese accessories trio.

HOST Tilt Mini Variable Aerator
HOST's breakthrough technology ensures each glass of wine is perfectly, immediately decanted. Employing the Bernoulli Principle, HOST's instant aerator enhances any wine by softening tannins and releasing flavor. The built-in stopper makes for easy preservation. The small size is perfect for convenience and travel. Composed of BPA-free acrylic. Color: clear plastic and grey silicone.
Value: $12.99

Country Home Slate Cheese Board
Perfect for your next wine and cheese party, this rustic-yet-elegant slate cheese board is a staple for any kitchen. Features natural edges and velvet backing to protect counter and table tops. Each board comes replete with two pieces of food-safe soapstone chalk so you can scrawl names of your savory culinary offerings. Food Safe. 8" L x 16" W.
Value: $16.99

Antique Doorknob Wine Stopper
This eye-catching wine stopper keeps your decor chic, and your wine fresh. Made of wood and metal. Secure fit rubber ring.
Value: $7.50 

Total value: $37.48


$35 Gift Card for VitaClay
The VitaClay line of products, produced by the company Essenergy, Inc., brings to life the idea that eating a healthy, traditional diet and living in a busy, modern world are not mutually exclusive. VitaClay products use precious Zisha clay, long-prized for its purity and ability to enhance the flavors, nutrients and textures of food in its signature clay pot insert. The fully automated electronic housing allows this age-old cooking medium to be used safely, easily and quickly: with its pre-set timer and electronic cooking mechanism, your food will be cooked perfectly every time, whether it is rice, oatmeal, beef stew, bone broth or yogurt. Gift certificate is valid towards any purchase on VitaClay.
Value: $35

We Heart Cooking by The Twin Chefs

Gift Card for "We {Heart} Cooking!"
In "We {Heart} Cooking," twelve-year-old expert Twin Chefs Lilly and Audrey Andrews, prove cooking can be fun for the whole family. Lilly and Audrey have some impressive experience under their belts, including attending adult culinary school classes, and cooking side-by-side with famous chefs Wolfgang Puck, Michael Chiarello, Bob Blumer, as well as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. In their engaging tome, the Twin Chefs teach you and your kids how to make 85 taste-bud-tingling recipes that are a blast to cook and eat. The recipes emphasize creativity, flavor combinations, and ease of preparation. "We {Heart} Cooking" is the perfect cookbook for kids and parents who want to prepare healthy food everyone loves, regardless of age. This delightful cookbook includes:

  • visual guides to basic cooking techniques
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Nutritional analysis with each recipe
  • Entertaining food trivia and cooking tips sidebars.

The Twin Chefs will inspire you and your whole family to break out your aprons and cook up a storm!
Value: $21.95 

Duralex's 9-piece Lys Stackable Clear Bowl Set

Duralex's 9-piece Lys Stackable Clear Bowl Set
Whip up your culinary masterpieces in kitchenware made for a professional chef. Founded in 1929 in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, Duralex invented the Original French Tumbler. In 1939, the company invented tempered glass. Since then, the brand has established itself in kitchens across the globe, while making one-hundred percent of its products in France.

Duralex's 9-piece Lys Stackable Clear Bowl Set includes nine functional yet stylish nesting bowls of varying capacity: 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 4 ounce, 6 ounce, 10 ounce, 0.5 quart, 1 quart, 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart. With 2.5 times greater resistance to impact, breakage and chipping than normal glass, Duralex's conveniently stackable collar-rimmed bowls can also withstand sudden thermal shock: from -4°F to 212°F. These non-porous bowls are also tres hygienic, do not absorb liquids, colors or flavors, and retain their original look for years. Extremely durable and ideal for everyday use. Dishwasher, fridge and microwave safe. Equally suitable for cold or hot liquids.
Value: $28

Cuisinart's Pineapple Slicer

Cuisinart's Pineapple Slicer
Slice up pineapple for that holiday ham without batting an eye! Whether you're preparing a fruit salad, tasty dessert, refreshing cocktail, or adding the final touch to a traditional holiday dish, a slice of pineapple always adds that extra something special. Using Cuisinart’s patented cutting technology, this ingenious stainless steel slicer makes the job easy and efficient every time. A simple twist is all it takes to core and slice. Dishwasher safe. Features a nonslip-grip handle.
Value: $19.99

TruVibe Organics - Cacao Powder Goji Berries

TruVibe Organics's Cacao Powder + Goji Berries

Steaming hot cocoa, luscious chocolate cake, scrumptious smoothies, flavorful trail mix, decadent cookies, and berry-ful breakfasts and desserts anyone? Get inspired to create an array of recipes with TruVibe Organics's stash of Cacao Powder and Goji Berries.

Cacao Powder: Sourced from Peru, TruVibe Organics's raw cacao is of the Criollo variety, the rarest and most expensive cacao in the world (Criollo is to chocolate what the fine Arabica bean is to coffee). A rich dietary source of magnesium and antioxidant flavanols and polyphenols. Fun fact: cacao's scientific name Theobroma means "food of the Gods"--and as any chocolate lover can attest it certainly tastes that way! TruVibe's cacao powder is unsweetened, dairy-free, cold-pressed, and milled at low temperatures to preserve essential and vital nutrients. Great in smoothies, hot and cold beverages, sauces, spreads, and desserts. Two 8 oz bags, 16 oz total.
Value: $9.99 (each bag)

Goji Berries: Also known as the wolfberry, goji berries tout a 6,000-year history of cultivation in the Himalayan region. Traditionally used in ancient medicines, they continue to be used today as an herbal remedy in Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. TruVibe's raw organic goji berries are highly nutrient-dense, packed with 18 amino acids, over 30 essential minerals and trace minerals, myriad plant-derived polyphenolic antioxidants, and are known as the best fruit source of protein. Can be enjoyed right out of the bag or in smoothies, desserts, cookies, oatmeal, trail mix and more. Two 8 oz bags, 16 oz total.
Value: $12.99 (each bag)

Total value: $45.96

Honey Badger Garden Gloves

Gift Certificate for One Pair of Honey Badger Garden Gloves's Dual-Claw Digging Gloves
Don't just cook and eat your food--grow it! Honey Badger Garden Gloves's Dual-Claw Digging Gloves make it possible for you to get your hands dirty in the garden without actually getting your hands dirty (a harvest-season miracle!). Designed by gardeners for gardeners, now your can dig and plant with ease. The durable ABS claws leverage hand-strength and reduce stress on fingers. To boot (or should we say, to glove?), the innovative Isolation Pocket inside the claws (attached with low-VOC eco-friendly adhesive) helps you say bye-bye to broken fingernails and worn out fingertips, providing superior protection even as you dig up densly-packed dirt and brave sharp jagged objects. Gloves are breathable at the back of the hand. Gloves come in multiple sizes and colors. Stretch fabric provides a snug fit for women and men. Waterproof up to the knuckles. Machine washable. Gift card is good for one pair of gloves.
Value: $29.95

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From the Organic Authority Files

ReTap Bottles

Retap Bottles's Large Bottle
Stay hydrated wherever you go the eco-friendly non-toxic way. Retap Bottle's line transforms the way we drink water. Bid farewell to pricey unsustainable single-use plastic bottles. Refill your Retap Bottle with your own filtered water straight from the tap. Designed for comfort and functionality, these bottles are easy to hold and sealed against spilling. Produced from high-strength borosilicate glass, these bottles are also durable and easy to clean. The lid is made of BPA-free thermoplastic elastomer. The bottles are also designed to eliminate any edges so they stay free from bacteria. Both bottle and lid are dishwasher-safe. Available in 10 oz, 17 oz, and 27 oz. Goodie Box customers will receive one 27 oz bottle with a purple cap.
Value: $25

The Ultimate Green Store's Bamboo Cooking Utensils

The Ultimate Green Store's Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set 
What's the perfect complement to your professional-grade non-toxic cook and diningware? Eco-friendly bamboo utensils! The Ultimate Green Store brought together this 4-piece 100% certified organic Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set from its one-stop online shopping destination that features an extensive line of green kitchen and recycled glassware products, organic bedding, bath and baby products, eco-school supplies and much more. These beautiful hand-finished FDA-approved food-safe utensils are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, and will not scratch surfaces. Set includes

  • Bamboo Slotted Spoon (Value: $4.95) 
  • Bamboo Spatula (Value: $3.95)
  • Bamboo Tongs (Value: $5.95)
  • Bamboo Mixing Spoon (Value: $3.95)

Total value: $18.80

Apollo Olive Oil's Tuscan Oil 2014

Apollo Olive Oil's Tuscan Oil 2014
A staple in countless gourmet and everyday dishes, olive oil must be done right. Apollo Olive Oil does olive oil right in its award-winning robust-intensity antioxidant-rich certified organic Tuscan Oil, featuring delicate sweet aromas and a zesty finish. Sourced from the fertile soil of Petaluma, California's rolling foothills, this dark emerald-colored oil is rare to boot: the company has milled only 720 bottles of the Tuscan line. Made from Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, and a few Pendolino trees that grow in a Tuscan-style grove. Pairs deliciously with casseroles, red meat, soups, brown rice, quinoa, and raw mushrooms. Milled: December 2013. Total antioxidants: 623 mg/kg. 375 ml bottle.
Value: $23.95

Smoothie Secrets Revealed by Elyse Wagner

Gift Card for Digital Book: Smoothie Secrets Revealed
Get blending with your new stash of organic goodies! In "Smoothie Secrets Revealed," Elyse Wagner deliciously blends her intuitive eating philosophy, health education and self-healing soulful practices. A beautifully illustrated resource, "Smoothie Secrets Revealed" puts your health, happiness, relationship with food, attitude and body back into your hands so you can promote yourself to the CEO of your health. Thirty healing whole food smoothie recipes complement Wagner's foundational sustainable and nourishing philosophy: an anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, organic and fresh-eating lifestyle that emphasizes daily detoxing with whole real foods, herbs, homemade nut and seed milks, fermented foods, and, of course, succulent smoothies! To boot, Wagner shares her until-now secret steps to create peace with your food and body, and overcome emotional barriers that will transform your life.
Value: $19.99

Garden of Life's Raw Organics Flax with Baobab Fruit

Garden of Life's Raw Organics Flax with Baobab Fruit
Garden of Life's premium Certified Organic Golden Flaxseed is grown in North Dakota on pristine and virgin soils by family farmers that have been growing flax for generations. The flax seeds go through a unique five-step cleaning process that gently filters all impurities, leaving behind only the purest, freshest organic flax seeds. To unlock the full glory of their flaxen goodness, the seeds need to be milled--and that's where Garden of Life truly shines: by using state-of-the-art cold-milling methods that preserve all the nutritional value without releasing the seeds' delicate, valuable oils, which can make them go rancid. Enhanced with antioxidant-rich Baobab fruit. A Whole Foods exclusive. Contains 3g omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid--ALA), 1g omega-6 (linoleic acid--LA), 1g omega-9 (oleic acid--OA), 98mg antioxidant lignans (SDG). 12oz bags.
Value: $10.79 (per bag)
Total value: $21.58 (2 bags)

Organic India's Organic Ghee

ORGANIC INDIA's Organic Ghee
ORGANIC INDIA's Organic Ghee (clarified butter) from India boasts flavor, vital nutrients, and a very long shelf life. Made by simmering butter over low-heat, and removing milk solids as they form, ghee is a delicious, creamy spread great for baking, sautéing and frying. With a high smoke point of 485°F, ghee is also rich in essential fatty acids, like as omega-3 and omega-6 and without hydrogenated oil. Sourced from grass-fed and pastured cows raised on small family farms, for an unparalleled nutritional profile, ecological health, and ethical, sustainable commerce.
Value: $12.99

Primal Essence Garlic Onion Coconut Oil

Primal Essence’s Garlic Onion Coconut Oil
Primal Essence has taken one of the healthiest cooking oils to that next flavor-level. The brand's organic Garlic Onion Coconut Oil hails from a line of Infused Coconut Oils that bring the goodness of whole-food extracts into cooking, one spoonful at a time. Made from raw, whole-plant extracts packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants, Primal Essence's Infused Coconut Oils come in six exciting savory flavors, as well as three delicious sweet flavors. The all-natural organic oils contain no artificial colors or preservatives, are Kosher, non-GMO, and make meals burst with exceptional flavor and fragrance. The Garlic Onion flavor is versatile, and pairs beautifully with soups, vegetables, meats, and countless other cooking fantasies.
Value: $11.65

Gustus Vitae Condiments' Red Cayenne Salt

Gustus Vitae Condiments' Red Cayenne Salt
This is not just salt. Bold color and fiery flavor make this sharp, spicy, colorful Red Cayenne Salt from Gustus Vitae Condiments. Bring life to guacamole, poultry, pizzas, steaks and sauces, or elevate and beautify margaritas by rimming the glass. The vibrant color makes this Red Cayenne Salt an eye-catching finishing salt: sprinkle on foods right before serving for unique flavor and stunning color contrast. Container features magnetized backing that conveniently sticks to your fridge or other metal surface. Crafted in small batches. Hand packed in California from local and imported ingredients. Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas. All natural: free from artificial colors and flavors. 3.1 oz.
Value: $10

Coconut Organics's CocoBacon

Coconut Organics's CoconutBacon (3 Pouches)
Coconut that tastes like bacon? Not only does it exist, it's delish! Coconut Organics®'s CocoBacon® is a delicious organic snack food and healthy bacon alternative made from toasted coconut chips that are spiced and flavored to have the salty, fatty, smoky and slightly sweet flavor profile of real bacon--without any harm to piggies. This finger-lickin'-good snack is 100% vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and preservative free. Perfect right out of the bag, or sprinkled on salads, sandwiches, eggs, veggies, grains, potatoes, baked goods and more. Made from healthy nutrient-dense ingredients, including high-fiber organic coconut chips, healthy MCT-rich organic coconut oil, low-glycemic organic coconut sugar, high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt®, organic spices and organic mesquite smoke flavor.
Value: $3.99 (per pouch)
Total value: $11.97 (3 pouches)

Bamtastic's Bamboo Towels

Bamtastic's Bamboo Towels
Cooking and eating get messy. Clean up the eco-friendly way with Bamtastic's Bamboo Towel. The towels feature reusable, non-woven cloth-like softness, and excellent durability. They're machine washable, and the company suggests you can wash them up to 100 times. Bamtastic Bamboo Towels effectively absorb water, oil, detergent, window cleaner, bleach and furniture-cleaning products. Bamtastic Products are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, sparing the need for paper (read: trees) and oil products. 20 pieces per roll. Dimensions of each piece: 11” x 11”. Composed of 85 % Bamboo / 15 % PLA.
Value: $9.99 (each roll)
Total value: $19.98 (2 rolls)


Original OH BAR + Cacao/Goji OH BAR
On the go? Go OH BAR! Four Hands Healing Foods's organic OH BAR may very well be the most delicious, nutritious energy bar (and "fast food") around. Each OH BAR is handmade from raw, organic seeds, sweetened with coconut nectar, is high in fiber, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids. OH BAR is free of gluten, wheat, nuts, grains, dairy, soy, added oils, preservatives and shelf stabilizers. Paleo friendly. All seeds are pre-soaked in filtered water, enhancing their nutrient value, making them easy to digest and absorb. After soaking, the seeds are dehydrated at low temperatures. The non-polluting cellophane packaging is BPA-free, biodegradable, and made from sustainably grown cottonwood trees. The cellophane provides an oxygen barrier that is 100 times greater than plastic. The comapny was founded by Ellie Josephs and Joyce Gass, long-time members of the Los Angeles healing community. OH BARs come in two flavors, both featured in Goodie Box: Original (2), and Cacao/Goji (1).
Value: $4.99 (per bar)
Total value: $14.97 (3 bars)

Nature's Path Qi'a Cereal

Nature's Path's Qi'a Cereal Value: $10.49 + $1 coupon
Think outside the bowl with Nature's Path Qi’a Cereal. Mix this certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free superfood cereal into with milk, a milk substitute, yogurt, add to fruit smoothies, or sprinkle into salads and soups for added nutrients. Qi'a (key-ah) means energy, and not surprisingly, this delicious mix makes for a great energy boost before or after a workout. Contains chia seeds, hemp, and buckwheat, plenty of plant-based protein, fiber, and ALA omega fatty acids. Just 2 Tbsp will boost your nutrition (though you may want more than that!). Qi'a comes in three delicious flavors: apple cinnamon, cranberry vanilla and original. Goodie Box customers will receive Original Flavor.
Total value: $11.49

Doxy's Fine Foods

Doxy's Fine Foods' Seasonings
Never eat a bland meal again with these innovative seasonings from Doxy's Fine Foods. Doxy’s line of spices are all-natural, non-GMO, low in sodium, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free, making them accessible for every palate and food restriction. Support healthier choices by making home-cooked meals--the tasty way. With Doxy's seasonings you'll save time creating a masterpiece, reduce costs and add nutritious flavor to every meal. Smart, reusable packaging maintains freshness. Goodie Box features three of Doxy's flavorful blends:

  • Cocoa Fusion: spicy chili, TCHO cocoa, and cinnamon
  • Smoky Chipotle: dried minced garlic, cilantro, and chipotle mingled with salt and onion powder
  • Natural Onion Soup & Dip Mixdehydrated onion, garlic and carrots. 

Value: $5 (each seasoning)
Total value: $15 (three seasonings)

Total value of the Organic Authority 2014 Fall Harvest Goodie Box$549.70. 

Sold Out!

Sale Price: $129.00 + free shipping! That's a 76% discountThe box goes on sale Monday September 29th at 8am 8 o’clock am Pacific Time.Set your timers and mark your calendars–these will sell out fast. Buy one, two or three, for yourself. This offer is only available to the first 50 buyers, when we are out, we are out! 

Offer good anywhere in the continental U.S. International shipping is not available at this time. Buy, one, two, or three boxes! Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. All sales are final. Due to the nature of this exclusive one-time sale, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. Any inquiries or concerns regarding purchased Goodie Boxes must be submitted via Customer Service within 30 days from date of purchase. 

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