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Watch a Film, Feed Hungry Children

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If you caught "The Daily Show" the other night, you saw John Stewart visibly impressed by filmmakers Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush as they discussed their articulate documentary, A Place at the Table, focused on the hunger issues here in America. Now showing in select theaters, you can also view the film online, and there's another reason to watch it, too: Plum Organics has offered to donate up to 100,000 of its "Super Smoothie" baby food meals to hungry children. On download, one movie ticket or even one companion book qualifies your purchase to be offset with a free meal.

Approximately 50 million Americans struggle with finding their next meal. Twenty-five percent of them are children. "There are 17 million little ones out there that are food insecure, that aren't getting access to regular meals, that don't know where their next meal is coming from," says Plum Organics CEO Neil Grimmer. "And when they are getting access to food, it is not food that is nutritionally designed to really optimize their growth at those earliest stages."

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Plum Organics manufactures high quality nutritious foods for babies and toddlers including quinoa, heirloom carrots and spinach. And the "Super Smoothie" was inspired by the film. It's specially formulated to be nutrient rich to help provide not only caloric sustenance, but make important vitamins and minerals readily available. "What we feed our little ones from the very first bite materially shapes their health and their eating habits for life," Grimmer says. "We realized we weren't reaching families that—for whatever reason—don't have the means to opt into that great healthy food that we provide."

The program is only valid this weekend, so download or go see the film and make a huge difference in a child's life today. More info here.

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