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What the Truck? "Street Meat" Goes Grass Fed


In New York City we have a thing called “street meat.” Although the wafting scent will get your mouth watering, the actual taste and quality leave a lot to be desired and you will most likely feel gross an hour later. However, street vendors are popping up more and more each month (and in other cities too) and thankfully they’re going for quality food that’s tasty and healthy. Here are my top three favorites:

The newest edition to catch my eco eye is GustOrganics. Already a successful restaurant, their mobile outpost, Organic Carts NYC, sells organic beef, chicken, and veggie wraps, empanadas, hummus and chips, and “super purified NYC water” sold in bio-compostable cups – no bottled drinks here. Most of the food is cooked at GustOrganics in Union Square except for the meat which is cooked fresh to order on the cart’s grill. Look for it on 53rd Street and Park Avenue.

Another new fave is Good to Go Organics. This barn-like truck sells organic hot dogs and sausages from Applegate and vegetarian Smart Dogs served on a whole wheat bun. There are also Kinderhook Farm grass-fed burgers with a myriad of organic toppings like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese and sauerkraut. It’s currently stationed in two locations in Central Park – on East Drive and Central Park Driveway off of 63rd Street.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Craving a burger that tastes like it’s straight off the ranch? Head to La Cense Burger Truck where all the 100% natural grass-fed burgers come straight from Montana. They only serve one thing but do it so well. Each burger comes with cheese and caramelized onions. All the burgers are made-to-order (only cooked medium though) and there is usually a line. La Cense is normally stationed at 111 Wall Street but does move around sometimes so check their Twitter page for the exact location each day.

What’s your favorite New York City food vendor?

image: Good to Go Organics

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