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Zagat Makes Finding Food Trucks Easier


Looking for a swanky restaurant to impress a hot date or significant other? Go to Zagat's of course. It's the be-all-end-all for finding top restaurants.Go to Zagat's of course. It's the be-all-end-all for finding top restaurants.

But now, in a departure from the classy, Zagat's has added food trucks to its repertoire of fine dining. Food trucks, you know, for your more typical dates, like the girl with the peg leg you met during last call.

On their blog, Zagat's announced the new interactive map which allows people to locate food trucks in their vicinity. The map includes reviews, ratings, and the trucks exact location, even if it's on the move! Truck drivers can tweet their location and the map automatically updates.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Right now, the service is still in beta testing, so you can only locate food trucks in New York, but the map will be expanded by the end of the year. It's a very cool idea, but food trucks are iffy, the food is less than great.

You'd be better off going to La Guardia, yes the airport, for some local, organic food. Then again, going to La Guardia usually requires a visit to a mental health professional afterwards.

I've seen food trucks in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and right down the road from me in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and the food can get pretty dicey. As this trend grows organic and vegan-friendly food trucks popping up in major cities. A question remains, with food trucks serving barbecue sandwiches, chili dogs, fried chicken, and cheese steaks, and even quick vegan and organic food, are food trucks the new fast food?

In related fast food news, experts expect the fast food market to continue to grow in the United States. Its no wonder why San Francisco is banning Happy Meals.

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