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Healthy Food Gives Organic Food A Bad Rap

In the past and even today "healthy" restaurants, that is those that are predominantly vegetarian and vegan and the few that do dish up meat, serve bland dull food that consistently gives incredible tasting organic food a bad rap. Who told "healthy" restaurants they had to throw out the flavor in order to be "healthy?" What happened to the fine herbs, spices and even salt? When a dish is seasoned correctly you shouldn't be able to taste the salt. And who said to eat organic you had to be a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw food connoisseur or even a hippie? If you're a vegetarian you can still enjoy fabulous tasting fresh organic milk and cheese, which is the best tasting milk and cheese I have ever savored. Organic food is wonderfully tasty and the bonus, it's healthier for you to. The bottom line organic food doesn't need to taste like dirt in order to be considered healthy.

People commonly overlook pasture raised organic beef, chicken, lamb and pork amongst other organic meats, that you can now find in markets like Whole Foods and other specialty food stores. The secret to choosing the best and 100% organic meats lies in the questions you ask. Take for instance beef. The best quality organic beef you can find is beef that's been pastured on grass from birth to market. Some organic beef is raised on grass for three quarters of its life but is then finished on organic grains to fatten the cows. This kind of beef can be called "organic" because it is still fed organic food in the form of grains. Cow's stomachs however were not designed to naturally ingest these grains, they were they were truly designed to eat wholesome green organic pasture. Recently a good fat known as CLA (conjugated lineoic acid) has been found only in organically raised beef and lamb.

The other secret behind organic food is not only does it just taste superior, but it is truly healthier for you. If you sincerely want to start doing something healthy for you and your family, start buying organic fruits, vegetables and meats which all contain a higher amount of cancer fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Eat anything how you want it and when you want it. Add the organic milk, add the organic butter, add the salt but do it in moderation and go organic! Look at the Europeans; they've been doing it for years. They are a much slimmer and thus could be considered a healthier society.

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