Vegetarian Christmas Recipes from Around the World

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Christmas dinner is a tradition celebrated all over the world; and what’s on offer all across the globe is slightly different. One thing unites these traditions: most feature meat. However, there are ways that you can create a beautiful, delicious and filling Christmas meal without incorporating meat at all! These three vegetarian Christmas recipes adhere somewhat to international traditions, but they’re perfectly suitable for vegetarian diets.

Whether you’re feeding a vegetarian crowd or simply looking to eat healthier at the holidays, take a look at some of our favorite vegetarian Christmas recipes.

An Italian Vegetarian Christmas

Traditionally, Italians serve fish on Christmas Eve and meat on Christmas Day. A vegetarian Italian Christmas is fairly easy to assemble: most appetizers and sides as well as desserts are already vegetarian. The traditional baked pasta — often a lasagna — can easily be converted to include a festive vegetarian choice.

  • Christmas broccoli rape – A delicious braised broccoli rape recipe, perfect as an appetizer or side.
  • Vegetarian lasagna – Spinach and mushrooms add heartiness to this vegetarian lasagna.
  • Panettone – A traditional Christmas cake with a crumb similar to brioche. They can be made with chocolate or dried fruits and are usually served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

A French Vegetarian Christmas

In France, the Christmas meal is usually preceded with appetizers like foie gras and oysters, followed by a roast poultry like turkey and capon. The only traditional element of this meal that can be included in a vegetarian version is the dessert: a bûche de Noël. Traditional ingredients can be incorporated into a delicious vegetarian version.

  • Roasted chestnuts and Brussels sprouts – Chestnuts are often included in the Christmas meal, stuffed into the roast poultry. They are also found all over France, sold on the street in a paper cone. This dish makes a great appetizer or side.
  • Crêpes with mushrooms and gruyère – Buckwheat crêpes or galettes are traditionally from Brittany. While they’re not often served at Christmas in France, they can be dressed up with local ingredients to make them fête-worthy fare.
  • Bûche de Noël – A French Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional buttercream-filled cake!

An English Vegetarian Christmas

An English Christmas is usually served around a roast beef or turkey. But the rest of the meal tends to be vegetarian. It’s easy to create a delicious vegetarian English-style Christmas, with these delicious Christmas recipes.

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