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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Blue Cheese Recipes

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People are fairly divided when it comes to blue cheese. Some love it, some hate it, and some just can't get past the fact that they're basically eating mold. Well I've got news for you. Pretty much every cheese is moldy, especially cheeses with white rinds like Brie and camembert. Try to get past the blue-ness of the cheese, because when you have, a delicious flavor and creamy texture awaits you. Pick up a nice wedge of roquefort, gorgonzola or Danish blue at the store, and then delve into blue cheese, vegetarian style! This week, we've rounded up four of our favorite meatless blue cheese recipes.

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Wedge

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Perhaps the most familiar blue cheese recipe is for classic blue cheese dressing. This retro steak-house buttermilk blue cheese wedge is great for blue cheese lovers and first-timers alike. You can tailor the dressing to your liking: blue cheese lovers might add the cheese with a heavier hand and leave larger crumbles in the dressing, while those who aren't as familiar with the cheese can add a bit less and mix it until it's well combined. Even without the crumbles of cheese, you'll get a hint of the tangy flavor of the cheese.

Potato, Leek and Blue Cheese Bake with a Nutty Topping

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This recipe for a potato bake topped with blue cheese is absolutely delicious! Potatoes and leeks are a common combination. The sweetness of the leeks highlights the softer flavors of the blue cheese. Walnuts are a classic combination with blue cheese, but you can use any nuts or seeds you like.

Blue Cheese Pasta

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Continue in the same vein, with a blue cheese pasta with walnuts. This pasta dish combines blue cheese with sweet, buttery onions and walnuts. The recipe suggests several ways to change up the recipe, including adding creamy mascarpone! Caramelize the onions even further for a deeper, richer flavor.

Grilled Blue Cheese and Peach Sandwiches

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Blue cheese and fruit go together naturally. These grilled blue cheese and peach sandwiches pair blue cheese with peaches; jump on the last summer specimens to make this dish. Mozzarella is used to create a melty texture, as blue cheese has a tendency to become creamy when melted. This way, you have the grilled chese texture and the blue cheese flavor! When peaches are no longer in season, you could also use figs or even thinly sliced apples to make this sandwich.

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