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4 Fantastic Fresh Fig Salad Recipes

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The time is near... the time where we celebrate fresh figs! Fig season begins in July, but some of the best figs are available in late August and early autumn. As they are so delicate, figs should be used the day of purchasing, and since they can be expensive and are in short supply, treat them nicely and simply: in salads! These fruits pair well with a great variety of flavors, so whether you've got black figs or locally foraged green figs, you can feel free to get creative with them in the kitchen, with four fantastic fresh fig salad recipes.

1. Summery Melon and Fresh Fig Salad with Basil Cream

A melon and fig salad with basil cream is perfect to enjoy right now, while cantaloupe and basil are still widely available. This salad combines the natural sweetness of the two fruits with a dressing that is enhanced by the green herbaceousness of basil. The added sugar in this salad can make it quite sweet, which means it is also a delicious and unique way to serve these fruits for a light dessert.

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2. Honey and Grilled Fig Caprese Salad

This grilled fig caprese salad is a fantastic way to use the grill from appetizer through main and dessert. Putting figs on the grill highlights their sweet, honey-like flavor. And alongside salty balls of mozzarella cheese, their deliciousness cannot be denied. Basil and balsamic add even more caprese nuances to this already complex salad. You'll be getting rave reviews of this one at your next dinner party!

3. Stuffed Figs with Burrata and Arugula, Wrapped in Prosciutto

As summer turns to fall, you may be looking for heartier takes on the salad; this stuffed fig with burrata and arugula recipe won't disappoint. The silky burrata cheese adds heft to the dish, while prosciutto adds a welcome salty flavor. Figs can step into fall with grace thanks to recipes like this.

4. Fresh Fig and Pear Mixed Green Salad

That old adage, "what grows together goes together?" It definitely holds true for this salad. When fig and pear seasons overlap, you'll be pleased as punch to serve this fresh fig and pear salad. Gorgonzola and pecans pack a punch of flavor, while a bed of mixed greens provides a foil for all the competing savors. What results is a harmonious salad that's perfect for autumn.

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