4 Strawberry Recipes for a Berry Delicious Meatless Monday

strawberry goat cheese bruschetta

With so much summer produce to use, it can be overwhelming when it comes to picking ingredients for your evening meal! And while tomatoes and zucchini often make the cut, strawberry recipes are so often relegated to dessert.

That’s why we wanted to feature our favorite savory strawberry recipes, just in time for a summery Meatless Monday feast.

Our first choice is a tasty strawberry bruschetta. Perhaps our favorite thing about this recipe is just how versatile it is: because it effortlessly combines sweet strawberries, savory goat cheese and the tangy sweet-and-savory combo of balsamic vinegar, these bruschetta can have a starring role in a variety of menu places, from a unique hors d’oeuvre to a tasty cheese course accompaniment or even a stand-in for dessert. Just make sure you pick the freshest, sweetest seasonal strawberries, and everything else will fall into place with ease!

Strawberry Salsa

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Strawberries stand in well in recipes that traditionally feature tomatoes — we’ve established that with the bruschetta, but take it one step further with this strawberry-jalapeño salsa recipe. Sweet strawberries play off the spice of jalapeños in a surprisingly subtle way; a touch of basil and the tang of fresh citrus — orange and lime, in this case — makes this bright, flavorful salsa the perfect appetizer for your Meatless Monday meal. But it’s just as delightful as an accompaniment — standing in for pico de gallo — for some veggie tacos or fajitas. We recommend grilled tofu or seitan, whose relatively plain flavors won’t upstage the salsa.

strawberry perogi

Strawberry dumpling image via Shutterstock: Timolina

When you think of pierogi, you probably think of something more savory than sweet, and definitely something heavy. These Eastern European dumplings are usually stuffed with some combination of cabbage, meat, cheese or potato and are served in a cream or butter sauce. If we love these strawberry pierogi so much, it’s probably because they’re the antithesis of that, meaning they’re perfect for summer! Pierogi dough is stuffed with whole, fresh strawberries, and the dish is topped with either cream or sour cream. You can decide how sweet you want to make these; more sugar, and they become dessert, but a bit less makes them the perfect addition to brunch.

strawberry salad

Image courtesy of author Georgeanne Brennan and Weldon Owen Publishing

It’s easy to see why this strawberry salad is so lovable. For one, it’s incredibly easy to make: toast the pecans, whisk together the dressing, toss salad, and serve. But the other reason is that the combo of ingredients, while easy to throw together, is revolutionary. Spinach and strawberries form the perfect balance, united by nutty, toasted pecans and a relatively neutral dressing that’s amped up with poppy seeds.

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