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4 Vegan Bean Recipes for a 'Magical' Meatless Monday

beans on toast

We're sure you remember that little ditty about beans being a "magical fruit." But aside from having certain audible superpowers, beans are actually a fantastic protein source, making them the perfect star of your Meatless Monday meals. This week, we're showing off our favorite vegan bean recipes.

Start things off with a lighter play on a British classic: these cannellini beans on toast are like nothing you've seen before. And if we love this recipe so much, it's probably because of how incredibly simple it is. All it takes are a few simple ingredients: creamy cannellini beans, fresh Swiss chard, and a bit of specialty truffle oil to make this recipe special. Place it all on your favorite artisanal or homemade bread, and you're ready to go.

black bean soup

Image: Emily Monaco

As we approach fall, evenings get cooler, and there's nothing like a quick bowl of soup to make a special yet easy Meatless Monday meal. Our Mexican-flavored black bean soup is so easy to make ahead of time; all you have to do when you're ready to serve it is dice up some avocado and halve some limes. We love setting out bowls of the soup, plain, and letting everyone at the table doctor up their own portion with hot pepper, avocado, lime juice, vegan sour cream, or cilantro.

five bean salad

Bean salad image via Shutterstock

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Bean salads are an easy, delicious treat that also make for fantastic leftovers. This one stands out from the crowd thanks to its bright lemon and parsley dressing. Unlike many other bean salads, it also includes other vegetables to add some sweetness to the earthiness of the beans.

baked beans

Homemade Barbecue Baked Beans from Shutterstock

There's no need for vegans to be left out of the barbecue sweetness of a pot of slow-cooked baked beans. Our vegan baked bean recipe has all the rich flavor of the classic without the bacon. The tangy sauce is made by combining molasses, tomato, maple, and vinegar. Two different kinds of beans are stewed together until they are soft and tender. And perhaps the best part: they're so easy to make in the slow-cooker. How much better can you get for a Meatless Monday meal?

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Cannellini bean toast image via Shutterstock

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