4 Vegan Tacos for a Meatless Monday Taco Night

4 Vegan Tacos for a Meatless Monday Taco Night

When it comes to Mexican food, it seems that far too many of our favorites are smothered in cheese or drizzled in crema — but you don’t need to be a dairy fan to enjoy tacos. These vegan tacos are not only Meatless Monday friendly, they’re also full of unique and complex flavors and aromas. Who said you needed meat — or cheese, for that matter — to make Mexican cuisine tasty?

These cabbage and mushroom vegan tacos pair seared mushrooms — use whichever variety you like — with tender, pan-cooked cabbage. These two vegetables lend structure to the tacos and form the perfect base for a very flavorful chipotle ranchera salsa, which you can either buy or make at home with jalapeños, chipotles, and tomatoes. Serve the taco filling on your favorite store bought or homemade tortillas… with extra sauce on the side for spice lovers.

5-Minute Vegetarian Taco Recipe with Avocado and Chihuahua Cheese

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True taqueria tacos tend to be quite a bit smaller than what we’re used to stateside, and they also tend to pack a flavor punch — all the better for having a few at a time. These taqueria-style vegan tacos manage to combine a whole lot of flavor and texture into one small bite — zucchini is sautéed with taco seasonings and accompanied by fresh, raw radishes, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeño, each of which add flavor, color, and crunch. A bit of fresh lime juice is all they need.

4 Vegan Tacos for a Meatless Monday Taco Night

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These lentil wraps are more burrito than taco, but you won’t regret supersizing in this case: a flavorful and filling combo of lentils, tomatoes, bell pepper, and eggplant is flavored with onion, roasted garlic, and just a touch of honey. There aren’t too many spices in this concoction, leaving it up to each individual to garnish his or her burrito with whatever salsas and hot sauces are served.

Healthy Vegan Sweet Potato Taquitos with Chipotle Mayo Recipe

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Taquito is Spanish for “little tacos,” but these vegan taquitos sure aren’t little where flavor is concerned. Corn tortillas are rolled around a spiced sweet potato filling and baked (not deep-fried!) for a crunchy yet healthy taquito you can pick up with your fingers. Two dipping sauces — a simple guacamole and a vegan chipotle mayonnaise — are served on the side.

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