4 Vegetarian Grilling Recipes for Labor Day (It’s Also Meatless Monday!)

grilled vegetable bruschetta recipe

While we still have a few weeks left until the official end of summer, we all know that Labor Day is truly the end to the season. So what better way to celebrate not only the end of summer but Meatless Monday than with some delicious vegetarian grilling recipes? We have a few new ideas for you to take full advantage of the last of the season’s produce.

You’ve been grilling vegetables all summer, but we found a new way for you to serve them that’s both easy and tasty. This grilled vegetable bruschetta starts with a homemade pesto base, so go ahead and loot your herb garden for some late-season basil. Next, you’ll want to fire up the grill for the topping: any and all summer vegetables are invited to this party. The final touch is cheese: ricotta salata will hold up to the heat, but sub it for mozzarella if you want something a bit gooier.

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Stuffed tomatoes are even tastier when they’re made on the grill, where they take on a delicious charred flavor. Our version foregoes the traditional meat filling for a veggie-friendly stuffing made of sweet corn, rice, veggies and cheese. These moreish tomatoes are just as delicious reheated the next day, so be sure to make enough to take the leftovers to work (or send them to school) in your lunchbox.

tomato mozzarella panini

Tomato and mozzarella panini image via Shutterstock

It’s very rare that a grilled cheese actually gets made on the grill, but that’s exactly what we’re suggesting with this tomato and mozzarella panini inspired by a classic Caprese salad. All you need are good yet simple ingredients: fresh summer tomatoes, basil pesto, mozzarella cheese and the best bread you can find. Assemble your sandwiches and cook them right over the gas grill. This new Labor Day classic couldn’t be any simpler.

SummerFood_grilled carrots
Credit: Reprinted with permission from “Summer Food.” Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley. Copyright 2014 by Weldon Owen Inc.

Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley.

As a nod to the new crop of seasonal vegetables, this grilled carrot dish does nicely. Our recipe pairs naturally sweet grilled carrots with honey to bring out their flavors. A bit of dill adds a unique herbal twist to this deconstructed salad.

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Grilled vegetable bruschetta image via Shutterstock

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