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5 (Delicious!) Ways to Use Tarragon

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Basil, mint, chives... these are all herbs that most people find familiar in their kitchens. But what about tarragon? The strongly flavored aromatic one that not everyone is completely comfortable using. Its flavor is slightly reminiscent of licorice, though it really has a flavor profile all its own. Because of this, it can be difficult to decide how to use it in recipes... luckily, we've come up with 5 ways to use tarragon that are easy and delicious.

1. Classic Bearnaise Sauce

Bearnaise sauce is a classic French sauce that is similar to hollandaise, though this version has tarragon and white wine. Bearnaise sauce is traditionally served with steak, though there are many ways that you can serve this traditional sauce.

2. Tarragon and Vegetables à la Française

The French are keen users of tarragon, and the herb is frequently paired with vegetables in French cuisine. Organic haricots verts with tarragon butter are delicious and easy to make. The flavor of the herb really comes through in the simple preparation. The same goes for steamed asparagus with tarragon vinaigrette. Both of these recipes are perfect for getting to know the unique flavor of the herb.

3. Tarragon Paired with Fruit

Once you've gotten to know the flavors of tarragon, it's time to experiment. Tarragon pairs very nicely with fruit, much like other herbs. Try it in our tarragon turkey salad cups with plums and toasted almonds, where the nutty aromas of the almonds and the sweetness in the plums brings out a whole new flavor profile.

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Or try it in this roasted chicken and peaches recipe, which has the added benefit of a variety of spices to highlight the chicken's flavors.

4. Tarragon with Other Herbs

Tarragon can be difficult to pair with other herbs, but once you've gotten to know its flavor, it becomes much easier. Try tarragon and chives in our cherry tomato salad with tarragon and chives. The combination of herbs adds a variety of flavors to this relatively simple salad.

Tarragon can also be paired with basil, like in this poached arctic char with basil-tarragon mayonnaise.

5. Tarragon in Desserts

Tarragon's flavor isn't limited to savory. Try it in traditional sweets like Slovenian potica, a sweet rolled cake with a cheese-and-tarragon filling. The dessert is a delicious way to highlight the licorice flavors of tarragon and bring the herb into a whole new light!

Or combine both dessert and fruit tarragon pairings with this tropical fruit salad, perfect for summertime.

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