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6 Easy Fall Breakfast Ideas to Get You Feeling Autumnal


Kick off your cool and crisp autumn day with a bowl full of seasonal flavors and ingredients. From crunchy to caky and fruity to veggie, here are 6 easy fall breakfast ideas to get you feeling autumnal.

  1. Muesli. Think of muesli as the traditional Swiss or German form of dry oatmeal—only with less sugar, more nuts and seeds, and much more wholesome than our American “granola.” It’s a dry mixture of rolled oats and possibly other whole grains, dried fruits (and sometimes fresh apple finely chopped), nuts and seeds, and often warm spices like cinnamon or cloves. Typically unsweetened, the muesli mix is served with milk, yogurt, or fresh juice, and can be served immediately with liquid of choice (like cereal) or set to soak overnight in the fridge (like soaked oatmeal).
  2. Loaded oatmeal. Take your everyday oatmeal—oats, milk, sugar—and kick it up to autumn-worthy status. Before you cook your oats down in milk, add hefty dashes of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and allspice (or good ol’ pumpkin pie spice, if you’ve got it), and chopped almonds or pecans, along with dried cranberries or cherries. Instead of regular sugar for sweetener, add maple syrup and a drop of molasses for an ultra-warm and cozy fall flavor.
  3. Seasonal fruit parfaits. Swap out the usual summer fruits like berries and peaches for fall fruits like persimmons, grapes, and local apples. Layer them in a bowl with Greek yogurt, dashes of cinnamon and sugar, and chopped pistachios or hazelnuts.
  4. Wholesome cornmeal cakes. Transform your usual whole grain pancakes into a slightly denser, sweeter, and nuttier fall version simply by subbing out half of the flour called for in a traditional pancake recipe with cornmeal. Instead of using plain maple syrup as the topper, cook down blueberries and spices with a few splashes of maple syrup and lemon to make a luscious fall syrup.
  5. Stewed apples and pears. If you love starting your days with fresh fruit, try stewing them for a subtle spiced treat. Cook sliced apples and pears down in a splash of apple cider and baking spice (along with just a pinch of sugar and salt) until fruits are very soft. Finish off with a small sprinkle of finely chopped toasted nuts and a dollop of Greek yogurt or clotted cream.
  6. Sweet potato breakfast hash. Take your veggie hash from regular to fall-fabulous in an instant by using sweet potatoes instead of basic white potatoes in your fave scramble. If you eat meat, add just a slice or two of thick-cut bacon to the scramble for an extra smoky autumn flavor, and if you’re vegetarian, try chopped tempeh bacon instead. Also, use a bit of rosemary and thyme (and perhaps a dash of chili powder) in the scramble to give an extra flare of fall aroma and taste.

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