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7 Recipe Ideas Mom Will Love for Mother’s Day!


You can shower Mom with gifts, cards, and flowers this Mother’s Day, but the ultimate way to show her you care is by cooking for her—for real. She cooks for the family each and every holiday, and this is the one big time each year when you can pay her the favor back. So treat Mom to a day where she doesn’t have to cook—you’ll take care of the drinks, the menu, and, of course, the showering of gifts. Here is our recipe roundup for the top 6 recipes to include on your menus this Mother’s Day:


1) Grapefruit Lavender Ice Cream

If it’s warm in your area, or if your mother is just a gelato-lovin’ gal, treat her to homemade ice cream that’s as lovely as she is. This recipe features fresh grapefruit juice and a lavender infusion for simple garden chicness.


2) Mushroom Asparagus Barley ‘Risotto’ with Gouda Goat Cheese Recipe

We don’t know a single mother that doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of wholesome carbs, and when it’s loaded with green vegetables and a wonderful cheese base, the deal is even more sealed. This whole grain recipe is chockfull of seasonal herbs and seasonal asparagus and tossed in the lightest, nuttiest finish of Gouda goat cheese.


3) Spring's Perfect Pasta with Peas, Radishes & Lemon Cream

Another winning wholesome grain recipe, this vibrant and colorful pasta is perfect for Mom. Spring peas, pink radishes, and a ilght lemon cream sauce complete this garden-fresh dish. Serve as it is or top with poached salmon for a substantial meal in a bowl.

From the Organic Authority Files


4) Early Branch Peach, Apricot Pesto Pasta

Fresh peaches, apricots, pesto,and gluten-free quinoa pastamake for one seriously healthy bowl of pasta, and one that the whole family will dig into. 


5) Smoked Salmon & Radicchio Tea Sandwiches

Sit back with Mom on the patio, pour her a cup of her favorite herbal tea, and serve up these savory, adorable tea sandwiches. Classic smoked salmon and cream cheese are our go-to combination when it comes to spring dining, but you’ll also want to keep out a tray of the Tomato, Bacon, and Avocado with Arugula Pesto for the hearty eaters in company. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these fine finger foods.


6) Organic White Chocolate Rosewater Cupcakes

Sometimes we’re intimidated by whole cakes. It’s OK; it just means we’re trying to downsize our appetites. If Mom doesn’t want a giant cake, you can still spoil her with these cupcakes made with white chocolate and rosewater frosting. They feel less sinful than a layered cake, but each bite is full of irresistible white chocolate and cream flavor.


7) Rose Geranium Sangria

You have to serve Mom a special drink to celebrate her. This Rose Geranium Sangria will make her feel like she's on vacation. And don't worry if you don't have all of the ingredients, substitute with your own favs, or better yet, use Mom's favorite ingredients. Remember to toast Mom! 

Main image by Laura Klein

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