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Image of window sill garden with three herb pots perfect for an apartment garden
Credit: Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash
November 1, 2023
Stop buying expensive herbs, grow your own. Even newbie gardeners can create a flourishing herb garden. Here's how to choose…
when to take your adaptogens for best results
Credit: Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash
January 10, 2020
Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. But what are the best…
Are Your Homemade Cocktails Missing Something? (Hint: Try Herbs)
August 6, 2018
Take your next happy hour to a new level by adding herbs to your homemade cocktails. It's easy to grow…
green leafy salad
June 20, 2018
Could you be infected with parasites? Millions of Americans are - and they rarely know it. Learn how to do…
How to Make Your Own Incense
June 10, 2018
Learn how to make your own herbal incense with herbs from your garden or check out some favorite picks for…
11 Fun New Herbs and Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden
June 7, 2018
From exotic greens to dramatic tomatoes to exciting basil varieties, these are this year’s trendy new herbs and vegetables to…
3 Natural Sleep Aids
November 23, 2016
The following three natural sleep aids offer a healthier, less-addictive way to go about getting more shuteye without the potentially…
Herb Garden Pruning 101: Your Hands-On Guide to Quick and Easy Care
July 25, 2016
Learn tips for pruning your herb garden because when you prune herbs you harvest beneficial herbs for cooking as well…
holy basil benefits
July 16, 2016
Holy basil has long been touted in alternative medicine. Our experts examined some reputed holy basil benefits and offer their…
The Medicinal Herbs that Make a Huge Difference: Superherbs are the Superfoods of the Future
March 22, 2016
A functional or medicinal herb is any herb that will have a direct impact on how you feel, by targeting…