8 Kimchi Recipes to Spice Up Your Life

kimchi recipe

Kimchi is a staple in Korean food and is often served as a side dish at every meal. Traditional Korean kimchi is made by fermenting vegetables in a salt brine with dried spices but adds a salty kick to many dishes beyond Korean cuisine. The Napa cabbage variety is wildly popular but don’t shy away from trying radish, cucumber and even green beans.

Use this delicious fermented superfood in one of these innovative kimchi recipes.

1. Kimchi Quesadilla

This irresistible Korean & Mexican fusion is not only delicious but incredibly easy. First cook the kimchi in butter, then mix it with scallions and gooey Monterey jack cheese for a decadent snack anytime.

2. Kimchi Breakfast Pizza 

Use leftover pizza dough to make a crispy spicy breakfast treat. While it might seem odd to mix fermented cabbage and eggs, think of it as putting hot sauce into your eggs and onions.

3. Beef and Kimchi Tacos 

Use kimchi instead of cabbage in these delicious short rib tacos. Korean short ribs make an excellent compliment to spicy jalapeños.

4. Kimchi Mandoo (Dumplings) 

Elevate homemade pork dumplings with kimchi and Korean glass noodles and don’t be intimidated with the prospect of making dumping by hand, pre-made wonton skins make it really easy.

5. Spicy Kimchi Stew 

There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than a velvety pot of kimchi stew. This meat-free version is made with silken tofu, scallions and an egg.

6. Kimchi Meatloaf 

Traditional meatloaf is often made with chopped carrots and onions. Replace those tired vegetables with chopped spicy kimchi for something extraordinary.

7. Savory Kimchi Pancake 

Savory Korean pancakes or jeon are a popular street food with varieties like seafood jeon, beef jeon and scallion jeon. This delicious version uses spicy cabbage kimchi in a corn flour dough.

8. Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi and Bacon 

These humble Brussels sprouts become a crave-worthy side dish when bacon and kimchi are involved.

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