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An Eco Chic Earth Day Party


Historically, there have been some pretty bizarre party themes. “A Redneck Birthday,” “A Pimpin’ Christmas” and even an “Anything But Clothes” party has been thrown. But one event that people don’t always think to celebrate with a party - creatively, nonetheless - is Earth Day.

That’s about to change. We’ve put together five rockin’ ways to save the planet, all while hosting a killer party. Complete with food, drink and even a fashion show, these party themes leave no excuse to skip Earth Day… and leave you counting down the days until next year’s.

1. Have a “local foods only” recipe contest

The difficulty of this contest is always determined by where, exactly, it’s taking place. In New England, for example, some might liken a local-foods-only contest to running the gauntlet. But a challenge like this one can be completed anywhere, with a little research. By taking part, people are encouraged to research local farms, seasons and agricultural practices. Guests get an opportunity to engage in friendly competition, but even better, get an education about where their food comes from.

2. Use candles instead of electric lights

Everyone knows that candles make for a romantic ambience and are sure to make any party more elegant. Using candles to light an Earth Day party epitomizes the phrase “eco chic,” making the celebration’s atmosphere more fashionable while also saving electricity. What’s more: Organic candles do exist, creating both light and pleasant scents without the use of synthetic fragrances.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Organic libations only

Organic wines are all the rage, but they’re not alone: Organic beers and liquors are out there, too. Whether it’s a sulfite-free wine, a refreshing spring cocktail or natural beer, there’s a veritable plethora of ways to ensure that the party’s beverage service is Earth-Day-appropriate. To really add an adventurous edge, throw in another recipe contest and ask guests to create their own spring cocktails, using only organic ingredients.

4. Earth Day Makeovers

Calling all sustainable sirens! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with an eco-friendly makeover or spa party? Have each guest contribute an organic beauty product - cosmetics, hair products and even nail polish - and have at it. Make sure the products aren't tested on animals, either. To add a twist to the shin-dig, challenge guests to either find the best bargain they can on such products, or have a contest to see who can create the best DIY beauty remedy, while remaining friendly to the planet and our furry friends.

5. Green Fashion Show

We’ve all heard stories about girls who have made their own prom dresses out of gum wrappers or duct tape. Now, it’s time to do the same in adulthood. Gather all the “garbage” that would usually get tossed into the recycling bin - paper grocery bags, plastic bottles, aluminum cans - and see who can create the hottest haute couture. It doesn’t have to stop at the recycling bin: Check these designs for inspiration. Be careful to make sure no one cuts his or herself on the aluminum cans, however, or sets fire to the grocery bags with all those organic candles being used to light the room.

image: Don Iannone

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