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A New Year Filled with Sparkle: Bubbly Cocktail Roundup

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Happy New Year! As you make your toast on the eve of the 31st, you'll definitely be needing something to sip. So consider one of our very favorite organic sparkling wines--either plain or in a delicious Champagne cocktail --hailing from all over the globe.


Champagne is the classic of New Years' toasts. We love Larmandier-Bernier Premier Cru Vertus, a biodynamic, single-cru Champagne made from delectable Chardonnay grapes.

For something even more special, we love Pascal Doquet Premier Cru pink Champagne, a delicious organic wine made from pinot noir, with rose and strawberry notes. And nothing can beat its beautiful pink color!

French Sparkling Wine

Champagne must be made in the Champagne region of France to carry the infamous name; for something slightly less expensive, sparkling wines from other French regions may be an intresting option. We like the organic Albert Mann Crémant from the Alsace region of France. It carries notes of citrus and apple.

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Italian sparkling wines are generally quite a good value, and the organic Mont'albano Prosecco fromt he Friuli region of Italy is a delight. It has a light, citrussy flavor, reminiscent of lemon sorbet.

Tiamo Prosecco, hailing from the Veneto region, is a fantastic choice as well. This organic bottle is fresh and fruity, with apple, pear and citrus notes.


Traditionally in Spain, 12 grapes are eaten at midnight to symbolize the 12 months of the new year; consider combining fermented grapes and fresh ones for a play on this tradition! Cavas are Spanish sparkling wines, and the ecologically produced bottles from Eudald Massana Noya make for delicious toasts indeed! The Reserve Brut Nature is a dry sparkling wine sure to please.

Tarantas is a slightly spicy cava, made in the traditions of the Champagne region, with complex wheaty, floral and sweet aromas.

California Sparkling Wine

A little closer to home is Korbel's organic sparkling wine, hailing from California. This wine is made from early harvested grapes, offering crisp, fruity flavors and a medium dry finish.

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