Craving Pumpkin Flavor? 7 Pumpkin Spice Recipes to Make at Home

pumpkin spice recipes

Pumpkin flavoring is everywhere you look right now. But if you want REAL pumpkin and not the chemical coloring (or don’t want to break the bank on $5 lattes), you can make your own delicious pumpkin spice recipes at home.

Homemade pumpkin spice recipes

1. Paleo Pumpkin Custard: This deliciously simple custard recipe uses eggs, coconut milk, honey and pumpkin spice to make a fabulous dye-free, real pumpkin dessert.

2. Pumpkin Walnut Bread:This vegan pumpkin walnut dessert bread is so rich and creamy.

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte: Now with REAL pumpkin, this pumpkin spice latte recipe is made with pumpkin puree and spices. And instead of high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar, you can use REAL honey or sucanat! Or try Mama Natural’s homemade pumpkin spice latte.

4. Pumpkin Cookies: Oh my, these tasty cookies aren’t only delicious, they’re also gluten free! Win. I love mine with cranberries to really boost that Thanksgiving flavor profile.

5. Pumpkin Butter:Slather this concoction on your toast for a breakfast steeped in pumpkin spice deliciousness.

6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oat Bars: Want to up your dessert game? Try these pumpkin chocolate chip oat bars. They’re vegan and gluten free.

7. Pumpkin Pie: We can’t forget the piece de resistance of pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie. Check out Lunch Box Bunch’s four-ingredient vegan pumpkin pie.

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