How to Save the Most Money Shopping With Thrive Market

Here’s How to Save the Most Money Possible on Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a membership service that provides the best in organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw and otherwise healthful products at a deep discount. You pay a $60 membership fee annually and receive 25 to 50 percent off of products delivered to your door. While you can’t purchase fresh goods like produce, fresh proteins, and dairy, it’s a great place to buy dry goods like pasta, peanut butter, oils, and nuts, as well as makeup, toiletries, supplements, diapers, and even pet food.

Why I Joined Thrive Market

At the beginning of the year, my family joined Thrive Market in an effort to cut down on our out-of-control grocery bill. When we started a family two years ago we stopped going out to eat on a regular basis and thought that this would improve our budget. But unfortunately, my daily trips to Whole Foods ate up any reduction in cost gained by not eating out. Part New Year’s resolution and part budgetary experiment, I wanted to see whether ordering what I could from Thrive Market would make a difference.

How to Save Money on Thrive Market

I was shocked at how much cash I saved using Thrive Market, partially because of the lower prices and partially because I don’t take needless trips to the grocery store anymore. It’s these needless trips that tempted me to buy unnecessary items. On average, I spend about $100 less at the grocery store each month. Here’s how:

1. Don’t forget about the free trial and first coupon

If you’re not sure whether Thrive Market is a good option for you, you can try it out for the first month free of charge. That’s enough time for you to get your first shipment and see what you think. If you hate it (which is doubtful), you can quit your membership free of charge. Utilize your first order coupon for an additional 15 percent discount. If you know you’re going to need something in the coming months, take advantage of the additional discount.

2. What to order

At the beginning of each month I place an order with Thrive Market. I buy all of our toiletries, pasta, rice, snack foods, supplements, cleaners, and basically anything that’s not milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, or fresh protein. I try and order what I need before I run out of it so I have it handy later on.

3. Don’t overbuy

Just because it’s cheaper than at the grocery store, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. I take a long hard look at my online cart before I push send to make sure I really need everything in it.

4. Make sure your shipping is free

I order once a month so I can ensure that I spend over $49, and shipping is free. Often, I also get free gifts for spending over $59 on my purchase as well. The neatly packed box usually takes about a week to arrive.

5. Try new brands

Thrive has a number of great brands but it doesn’t have everything. While it can be annoying at times, it’s also an opportunity to try a new brand. I’ve been happy with most of the products that I’ve ordered thus far.

6. You save money for those in need

When you buy a Thrive Market membership, the company gives another membership to a family, teacher, veteran, or student in need. It’s a great way to provide healthy food for those that need it most. According to Thrive Market, 80 percent of those in need end up buying food that they know is unhealthy just because they can’t afford not to.

Do you have a Thrive Market membership? Do you think it’s worth it? How often do you buy groceries online? We want to know! Drop us a line via Twitter @OrganicAuthorit.

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