How to Make Perfect Homemade French Fries

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Looking for a guide to make the perfect crispy-on-the-outside tender-on-the-inside homemade french fries in your own kitchen? Look no further. With the right organic potato and an understanding of the techniques involved in frying the little batons, you’ll be making the best homemade french fries before you know it.

The Potato

Choosing the potato for your homemade french fries is a very important task. Of course, above all, choose an organic potato. But what variety?

Russet potatoes give your homemade french fries a tender interior, much better than waxier varieties. The russet potato actually comes in several varieties, so you can play with different flavors to discover the one that you like the best.

The Equipment

When it comes to equipment, there are two options. You can either purchase a tabletop fryer, which will make frying at the proper temperature easier and safer, or you can opt for frying in a deep pot. While the former makes frying easier, the latter may be better for those with less space or who don’t intend to fry all that often.

Of course, should you choose to invest in a tabletop fryer, it will put lots of other culinary creations within your reach as well. A few possibilities:

The Technique

The technique of frying homemade french fries is perhaps the most important when it comes to achieving the proper texture. It might seem time consuming, but each step has a purpose!

First, slice the potatoes into the thickness you desire, ensuring that each potato is the same size.

Next, soak the sliced potatoes for 20 minutes-1 hour in cold water. Drain and pat them dry.

Preheat your fryer or a large pot with peanut oil (or lard, for those looking for a more old-fashioned recipe!) to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Fry small batches for 4 minutes and remove to paper towels to drain. In this step, the potatoes should not color.

Increase the fryer or grease to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Fry the potatoes until golden brown (or the color you desire).


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