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Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 Courgettes or Zucchini Recipes... Delicious However You Say It!

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It's summertime, which means zucchini, courgettes and yellow squash are practically coming out of our ears! Whether your garden is overflowing or your favorite farmers market has them by the case, they are ripe and oh-so ready to eat. The light and versatile summer squash accents dishes from spicy, savory to the super sweet with a wonderfully delicate flavor and texture, making them the perfect consideration for a Meatless Monday recipe (or several).

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Start your meal with delicious zucchini boats. Filled with tomatoes and cheese, these boats are sure to be fun for kids and adults alike.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Another fun zucchini appetizer are zucchini fritters: these zucchini cakes definitely aren't low in fat, but for a special treat, they're sure to keep your guests happy!

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Ratatouille is a great side dish, but you can also make a meal of it! Pairing zucchini with eggplant and tomatoes brings out the flavors of these summer veggies. If you feel the need for some protein, a simple omelette is a typical French accompaniment.

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Our very own zucchini casserole is quick and easy. Just throw it in the oven while you pour cocktails, and by the time you're ready to eat it will be baked up and delicious.

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What could be simpler or more timeless than zucchini bread? A classic recipe and a version with the sweet and tangy addition of pineapple await you at Simply Recipes: both are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or an afternoon snack.

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