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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Celeriac Recipes

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You may have seen it in the grocery store: that slightly ugly-looking tuber near the potatoes, growing hairy roots from its gray-white bulb. But don't be scared! Celeriac -- also known as celery root -- is a delicious member of the celery family, though it's not, as its name seems to suggest, the root of common stalk celery. It is, however, widely available in winter, easy to prepare, and, most importantly, delicious!

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Though celery root may be unfamiliar in the States, in France, it's a commonly used root vegetable, especially in the famed salad, celeri remouladeIna Garten's version is easy to make and delicious. Choose your favorite brand of organic mayonnaise for the dressing, or make your own homemade mayonnaise.

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 Celeriac goes very well with potatoes, like in our roasted garlic, organic potato and celery root purée. The creamy celery root lends a hint of celery flavor to what would otherwise be mashed potatoes, not only reducing the calories in the dish, but making it even more flavorful.

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Following in the same vein, our smashed potatoes with celery root and chives combines creamy celeriac with potatoes. This version adds a touch of chives, which adds a bit of green to the dish.

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Treat celery root like any other root vegetable: roasted potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes are delightful, and so is rosemary roasted celeriac. This version includes carrots, but you can add any root veggie you like to the mix.

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