Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Herb Recipes for Summer

tabbouleh salad

By now, you’re probably taking full advantage of your summer herb garden and learning how to add basil, mint and parsley to pretty much everything. But if you’re running low on Meatless Monday ideas, we’re here to help with some herb recipes that will blow your socks off.

Herbs each have a different flavor profile, and adding them to dishes can change them up immensely. Ideas for how to use herbs differently, particularly flavorful ones like basil and mint, can start to wane after a while… but don’t worry; this Meatless Monday roundup will have you adding more herbs to your favorite summer recipes in a snap.

Start things off with a classic: a super tasty tabbouleh recipe. But this version of the traditional Middle Eastern recipe has a few tricks up its sleeve. By swapping the traditional ratios of bulgur and herbs, this tabbouleh comes out very herby indeed! A combination of parsley and mint gives it all the freshness it requires, and it’s spiced up with a touch of paprika and allspice for even more surprising flavor.

SummerFood_grilled carrots
Credit: Reprinted with permission from “Summer Food.” Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley. Copyright 2014 by Weldon Owen Inc.

Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley.

Carrots and dill are nothing new, and yet this combination, with the addition of honey and char marks from the grill, turns it into something very summery and quite unique. This grilled carrot dish couldn’t be simpler to prepare once you’ve got the grill on: brown the veggies, drizzle them with honey and herbs, and serve! The fun comes in variations: add or swap beet, fennel or celery root for even more delicious combinations.

fruit salad

Image: fat_tony

Veggies aren’t the only Meatless Monday choice that can benefit from a few herbs. This summer fruit salad with lavender honey gets spiced up with two herbs: dried lavender infused into the honey sauce and fresh mint, which becomes part of the salad itself. The combination is a fresh, light dessert: the perfect end to any Meatless Monday meal!

blueberry lemonade

Image: culinarycara

As for cocktail hour, be sure to try out our blueberry-basil lemonade. This sparkling, refreshing drink is made with whole blueberries and fresh basil and can either be served with vodka for the perfect grown-up drink or without for the kids or for a poolside refreshment.

Top image: cyclonebill

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