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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Red Wine Recipes

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We've all heard by now about how a glass of red wine is filled with antioxidants and can help your general health. But red wine is, of course, a pleasure too. Consider working your favorite red wine into a weekday meal, by using it to help dress up your meatless Monday dishes. Here are some of our very favorite red wine recipes from all over the web this week.

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Risotto is traditionally made with a splash of white wine, but this red wine risotto with roasted pumpkin takes on the wine's deep color. Winter squash may slowly be disappearing from your local farmstand, but as local peas and asparagus come into season, you can feel free to sub them into this delicious, rich dish.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Image courtesy of the American Institute for Cancer Research

Use vegetable broth instead of beef stock to make our braised mushrooms vegetarian and just as delicious. The red wine infuses baby bella mushrooms with flavor, and the added herbs keep the red wine from becoming too overwhelming a flavor. Accompany them with an omelette or fried egg, and dinner is served!

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In much the same way, broccoli can be braised in red wine, this time with the addition of pecorino cheese. This Sicilian drowned broccoli recipe, served atop a crusty slice of bread, is more than hearty enough to be a nice, warming late winter dinner.

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As for cocktails, why not sample our very own winter sangria? Finish off the last of your winter citrus, and have a cocktail to celebrate the end of another Monday... and a successful meatless meal!

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