Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Summer Tomato Recipes


We’re at the height of tomato season, which means that you have a myriad of different varieties to choose from when planning your Meatless Monday meals. Tomato recipes run the gamut from simple salads to more elaborate dishes, each with its own special attributes to show off one of our favorite natural sources of umami. Tomatoes’ natural savoriness makes them the ideal ingredient in meatless dishes… it’s no wonder they’ve already become a favorite on Meatless Monday tables!

We’re spotlighting tomatoes in this week’s roundup of Meatless Monday recipes, each highlighted to bring out the best in the fruit. Choose local varieties of heirloom and homegrown varieties to add even more flavor and color to your Meatless Monday tomato recipes.

Perennial favorite bruschetta can be served up in many ways, but classic is the best when tomatoes are at the peak of ripeness. Choose several different varieties of tomato for multi-colored bruschetta, or make a few batches of the tomato mixture, one featuring each variety, to offer choices on the serving plate. Once you have mastered the classic version, feel free to add mild cheeses like ricotta or mozzarella or even sundried tomatoes to the mix.

Image Credit: Cyclonebill

Summer tomatoes are wonderful for achieving the perfect flavor balance in cool Spanish gazpacho. The ideal appetizer for a summertime meal, gazpacho is chock full of vitamins and minerals, not to mention yummy flavor. Our version has a kick of heat thanks to some jalapeño. A garnish of croutons or chopped vegetables will jazz it up nicely!

tomato and bean salad

Image: Caroline Phelps

For a delicious make-ahead Meatless Monday meal this tomato and bean salad is ideal! The longer the salad sits, the better the flavors become. Just be careful not to keep the tomatoes in the fridge; instead, cover the salad well and keep it in a cool part of the kitchen or pantry until ready to serve. Fresh herbs can only add to this salad, so choose whatever you have on hand to add flavor and green color.

corn and tomatoes

Image: Emily Monaco

When you have extra tomatoes lying around, this pan-roasted tomato and corn dish is just the thing. Tomatoes that are slightly overripe are perfect for this simple side, as they’ll be cooked down with the corn until a bit soft. Their juices blend with the pan-roasted flavor of the corn for an easy-to-make accompaniment to grilled fish or chicken or the perfect warm salad for a stand-alone Meatless Monday meal.

Top Image: Tim Sackton

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