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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Turnip Recipes

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It's nearly spring; in some places, you can almost feel it creeping in. But we still have a few more weeks to wait until spring produce makes itself available. Until then, consider the humble turnip, a root vegetable that is the perfect addition to your Meatless Monday meals. The turnips themselves are rich in antioxidants and potassium, and when the greens are attached, you also get a heaping serving of calcium, vitamins K and A, and beta carotene. The sweet turnips and bitter greens are easy to use in a number of different recipes.

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Turnips are a classic of certain Indian recipes, like these curried turnips. The slow simmer infuses the veggie with a curried yogurt sauce. The final dish is full of spice, perfect for serving with rice.

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From the Organic Authority Files

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Our very own recipe for turnip soup pairs the root vegetable with sweet-and-sour pomegranate and rich, nutty walnuts, for a perfect dish to finish out the winter. The flavor combination is quite unique, and the soup itself is warming and rich.

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Our recipe for easy, garlicky beet greens would be just as tasty with bitter turnip greens. Check your farmer's market for turnips with the greens still attached, and you'll get two meals for the price of one! These greens are even better when topped with a plain fried or poached egg, for added protein and even more flavor.

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Baeckeoffe is Alsatian for "baker's oven." This dish was traditionally made at home and brought to the village baker's, to cook in his hot bread oven. While traditional versions usually include meat, this recipe, with spinach, potato and turnip, is perfect for meatless meals.

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