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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Yogurt Recipes

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Yogurt is a bona-fide super-food. Not only is it packed full of calcium, it's also filled with healthy bacteria that keeps your digestive system working as it's supposed to. All of this and -- of course -- it's delicious! Yogurt is frequently used as a marinade for meat, but as far as meatless yogurt recipes are concerned, the possibilities are numerous. Consider some of them for your next Meatless Monday meal!

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For starters, consider making your very own homemade yogurt instead of relying on store brands. It's simple to do -- all it takes is a bit of time -- and best of all, you can choose the milk and starter yogurt you use, so you always know what's going into your recipes. You can also control how thick or thin the yogurt is, and you can mix in fresh fruit or jam for the perfect easy snack or breakfast.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Use your homemade yogurt in this delicious mast-o-khiar yogurt dip. The dip combines a variety of Middle Eastern flavors like nuts, garlic, cucumber, mint and dill, alongside two very pretty-in-pink additions: rose and cranberry. All together, it's the perfect dip to serve with pita bread, on its own or alongside your favorite hummus and baba ghanouj.

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For something with a bit more heft, this summer vegetable salad with walnut-yogurt dressing takes the proverbial cake. Zucchini, green beans and tomatoes are combined with fresh herbs and walnuts for this summery salad. The yogurt adds a touch of tang and creaminess, but unlike a mayonnaise dressing, it isn't heavy.

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And as for dessert, what could be better than frozen yogurt? Our version is sweetened with raspberries and honey; this raspberry frozen yogurt will only be better if you use your own homemade yogurt to make it!

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