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Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 Carrot Recipes

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What's up, Doc? Today, we're scouring the Internet for the best in meatless carrot recipes. Carrots don't have to be orange; in fact, orange carrots were only actively cultivated by the Dutch during the 16th century, some say in honor of William of Orange. Prior to this, carrots existed in all colors, from white to pink to purple, and different heirloom varieties can still be found today. Whatever carrot variety you choose, make sure that you pick organic carrots from a grower you trust. The taste of a fresh, organic carrot is unparalleled by supermarket varieties, and you'll be astonished at the flavor these little root veggies can bring to your table... not to mention the vitamins, particularly vitamin A. So without further ado... here are our very favorite carrot recipes from around the web this week!

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We've heard of apple salads, and we've heard of carrot salads, but an apple and carrot salad? Why not? The apple brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots, offset by some cider vinegar. Cumin -- a natural pairing with both carrots and apples -- plays a part, as does tangy feta cheese. This unusual combination of elements is a surprising delight!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Crème fraiche provides the creamy factor in our heirloom carrot salad. Ginger adds a peppery hint, while raisins add some sweetness to the salad. Pick a variety of heirloom carrots for the perfect color combo. This is a truly beautiful -- and delicious -- dish!

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Swap your regular potato chips for homemade carrot chips. On their own or alongside other root veggie chips, these crispy discs of carrot are one of the best ways to bring out the natural sweet flavors of the vegetable. The time in the oven caramelizes them, bringing all of their flavors to the surface. You can feel good about snacking on them!

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Roasted carrots are nothing new, but what about these crisp, chewy parmesan-roasted carrots? A whopping 3 ounces of high-quality parmesan coats 1.5 pounds of carrots, for a cheesy carrot dish that's absolutely exploding with nutty flavor. You can't go wrong with these!

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For something a bit more substantial in winter, these carrot-barley galettes can make up an entire meal! Alongside a simple salad, these galettes -- with grated carrot, barley and flax seeds -- provide some nice, filling comfort food. They're flavored with shallot and cumin, along with sesame seeds and nutritional yeast, which can be substituted for cheese, for non-vegan diners.

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