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5 Magical Mint Sauces for Your (Organic!) Easter Lamb


Mint sauce is the traditional accompaniment to a roast leg of lamb or lamb chops served around the world on Easter Sunday. There are several varieties of this sauce, some easier to make than others, but all delicious. Here are some tips for making your very own organic mint sauce this Easter.

Mint Jelly

When I was growing up, this was the definite favorite at our table. Sweet and bright green, the mint jelly we bought in a jar was flawless with rosy-hued, perfectly cooked lamb... but, I don't even want to know how many preservatives or artificial colors and flavors were in it! Luckily, there are several companies selling organic mint jelly, like McFadden Ranch, who make the jelly from organic mint grown in their own garden, or Willow Creek Springs. You can also make your very own homemade mint jelly.

English Mint Sauce

In England, mint sauce is made at home with mint leaves, white wine or malt vinegar and a little bit of sugar. Traditional English mint sauce is easy to make and doesn't taste nearly as sweet as mint jelly. Use organic mint leaves, or grow your own at home! You can easily include both on your Easter table.

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Yogurt Mint Sauce

Traditional with roasted lamb in Greece, yogurt mint sauce is a creamy addition to your Easter meal. There are lots of recipes for this sauce; Ina Garten's Yogurt Mint Sauce has many different components, but you could easily add a few leaves of freshly chopped organic mint to thick yogurt for a much simpler version of this delicious sauce.

Other Mint Sauces

Perhaps less traditional with an Easter roast, but no less delicious, why not try our very own Cool and Spicy Cilantro Mint Chutney? Our Luck O' the Irish Lamb Chops with Minty Ranch Dipping Sauce are sure to please as well.

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