More Green Peas, Please! 4 Tasty Recipes for Meatless Monday

bruschetta with green peas and mint

One of the most delightful vegetables currently on display at most market stands are fresh green peas. These sweet little spheres add bright color and great flavor to a wide variety of dishes. While often paired with goat cheese to play the sweet and slightly tangy flavors off one another, or with salmon for a juxtaposition of bright colors, we had something else in mind for Meatless Monday. We’re pairing green peas with herbs, spices, and assorted fresh produce for delicious vegetarian and vegan meals to celebrate this vegetable.

Green peas and mint are a classic combination; this easy green pea crostini tops baguette rounds with a simple purée of mint, peas, and lemon juice, thinned with a touch of broth and olive oil. The result is deliciously verdant and gorgeous on any appetizer plate. Use any leftover topping as a dip for fresh crudités.

Guilt-Free Vegan Pasta Primavera with Fresh Spring Peas

Image via Karissa Bowers

Green peas are positively delightful in this time-tested pasta dish: our brown rice pasta primavera is delightfully vegan, with the typically cream- and butter-laden sauce replaced by a richly flavored cashew- and almond milk-based one. Peas and carrots pair perfectly in this dish — as Forrest Gump always claimed they did — with just a hint of parsley and lemon for freshness.

falafel with green peas

Falafel image via Shutterstock

Falafel is usually made with either chickpeas or fava beans, but this fresh, green version uses a combination of dried split peas and fresh green peas as the base. Served with a side of marinated spring radishes and a minted yogurt sauce for dipping, these falafel are a new and interesting play on the classic.

veggie burger with green peas

Veggie burger image via Shutterstock

Veggie burgers are a whole lot sweeter with green peas in the base. This vegan recipe spices up green peas with cumin and coriander. The flavors are rounded out with a combination of tomato paste, brown rice, oats, bell pepper, and garlic. The burgers are easy to make in the oven, and they can even be eaten cold the next day.

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Green pea bruschetta image via Shutterstock

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