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Sleep In! Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Morning


You don’t want to be bothered with cooking up a storm first thing on Christmas morning—you want to be exchanging gifts and listening to Bing Crosby carols with the fam. Instead, save your breakfast prep work for the night before. Here are fantastic make-ahead recipes for Christmas morning. Get started on them the night before while sipping cocoa in your Santa jammies, and sleep tight knowing Christmas morning will be full of merry and food.

Breakfast Strata Casseroles

The strata is a breakfast casserole typically made with layers of cheese, eggs and sausage, though it can be made with any ingredients and vegetables you fancy. Layer the strata the night before, and simply toss it in the oven when you wake.

Savory Christmas Breakfast Strata,The Kitchn

Sweet Christmas Panettone Bread Pudding Strata,


Fritattas are a fabulous quick breakfast solution any day of the year, but when prepared in individual ramekin dishes, they are simply perfect for an elegant Christmas morning. Also, since these are portioned out into small bakeware, they cook up in less time and are ready to go straight to the table.

Giada de Laurentiis’s Mini Fritattas, Food Network

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From the Organic Authority Files


In our family, we don’t leave cookies out for Santa, we leave scones… and then we devour them all on Christmas morning. Filled with dried cherries and cranberries, toasted nuts, and warminig spices, scones are the ultimate winter biscuit. Either bake them off the night before, or scoop the raw batter onto a baking sheet and toss it in the fridge overnight; it’s ready to bake in the morning.

Sweet Cranberry Christmas Scones, Farmgirl Fare

Savory Cheddar-Thyme Scones, PastureLand

Smoked Salmon Platter 

A bit of lean protein rounds out the starches and fruits you’ll be serving up for Christmas breakfast, and smoked salmon is a top choice for keeping things light and simple. Either select smoked wild Alaskan salmon from the market, or try curing your own salmon for a homemade special treat. Create authentic gravlax with this easy-to-follow recipe.

New World Gravlax, Eating Well

Image by Lori_NY

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