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So you’ve been stuck at home and baking up a storm with that newly active sourdough starter, or maybe you’ve been perfecting your pie dough technique. The joy of baking has been known to comfort us in times of uncertainty – and there’s definitely nothing better than the smell of cinnamon rolls on a Saturday morning.

But in between scoring that last bag of organic flour or some luscious local strawberries, have you considered another important ingredient: the pan you are actually baking in? You may have already swapped out your old, scratched and chipped cookware with the help of our  Non-Toxic Cookware Guide, now it's time to rethink your bakeware.

Many baking pans in our kitchen are inherited from friends or family or purchased years ago. And some might actually have toxic materials coating their surfaces.

Baking technology does change, and safer, more effective vessels should replace those old, chipped, or scratched non-stick surfaces you may not have replaced since your wedding registry. Luckily for us modern bakers, there are several options available that are non-toxic, easy to use, and will give your cookies that perfect golden glow. 

Here’s our recs for perfect at-home baking.

 1. Safe Nonstick Bakeware

Duh, Teflon (a.k.a. PTFE) is bad. But so is sticking – especially when it comes to that batch of extra-dark, double-chocolate brownies you just pulled out of the oven. What to do? If you’ve been daydreaming about comforting treats that easily pop from the pan to your mouth, ditch that old PTFE-coated metal cookware and go with ceramic-or silicone. Both are safe and devoid of synthetic PFAS like PFOA or GenX. Ceramic coatings are stain-resistant, safe for metal utensils, and most importantly, nonstick. Invest in one or two essential pans or an entire set that will satisfy all your baking dreams. 

2. Pure Ceramic Bakeware

PTFE-coated metal cookware is produced using a class of chemicals called PFAS, which have been linked to cancer and other serious health problems (yikes!). Instead, look to Xtrema® Cookware, which makes 100 percent ceramic materials ideal for your baking needs. 

If bread baking is your fancy, up your game with a gorgeous presentation. The beautiful Emile Henry Bread Cloche or Italian Bread Baker ensure bread retains the ideal amount of humidity while baking (read: soft, fluffy bread, crispy crust, and minimal sticking). Eat with your eyes, then dig in. Don’t forget the butter!

3. Stainless Steel Bakeware

A favorite among professional cooks, stainless steel is a workhorse on the pastry line, too. Stainless steel heats evenly, promoting uniform browning, and it won’t rust. Large sheet trays can roast a week’s worth of veggies or deliver a perfect batch of your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. 

All-Clad is known for its heavy-duty construction and durability. The 4-Piece Essential Bakeware set will last you forever and includes one piece of bakeware many at-home bakers hardly think twice about: the cooling rack. Give your cookies a soft place to land – first in the oven with an All-Clad baking sheet, then on the perfect, easy release cooling rack for the ultimate oven-to-mouth experience. 

4. Glass

If you're the type that likes to see what’s going on inside that pie pan, you might like glass bakeware. Brands like Pyrex are a home baker classic, but why not add some vintage flair without all those hours combing through thrift stores? This designed-in-Paris glass pie dish can go from freezer to oven (yes, you can assemble and freeze your whole pie ahead of time). Pop this bad boy in, and watch the exterior brown to golden perfection (that is, if you’ve already watched everything good on Netflix!) Easy to clean, naturally non-stick, and free of toxic chemicals, it’s also pretty charmant

5. Cast Iron 

Heavy and durable, cast iron creates a crunchy crust and a rustic look. Skillets make lovely pies, loaves of bread, and one-pot dinners. Add an enamel coating, and you have the added benefits of avoiding “seasoning” and an additional projection against sticking (if you use a little olive oil). And who doesn’t love picking out their favorite color? These dutch ovens from Staub are attractive enough to leave on your stovetop as a homey decorative touch when not in use. 

Here’s the triple bottom line: whatever you fancy on baking up next, this clean bakeware guide will help you stock your kitchen with quality gear that is good for the planet and your health. And if you're curious which safe and healthy brands we like for your stove top, read our Non-Toxic Cookware Guide and see how the rest of your pots and pans measure up.

*Affiliate disclosure: Our team researched far and wide to find safe and eco-friendly bakeware options you’ll love using for all kinds of sweets and treats. If you make a purchase after clicking our links, Organic Authority may earn a commission, which goes a long way to support the good work our team does (as well as our Valrhona Chocolate habit.) 

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