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The joy of baking has been known to comfort us in times of uncertainty—and there’s definitely nothing better than the smell of cinnamon rolls on a Saturday morning (okay, maybe chocolate chip cookies on a rainy afternoon. Decisions, decisions...).

Whether baking cinnamon rolls or kale chips (or both), it's high time you considered another important ingredient: the pan. You may have already swapped out your outdated, scratched and chipped cookware with the help of our Non-Toxic Cookware Guide, but now it's time to rethink your bakeware.

Non-Toxic Bakeware Sets

Many baking pans are inherited from friends or family or were purchased years ago, maybe before we started spending much (read: any) time thinking about quality, toxins, or longevity. And that means that it's quite possible that many of those pans are scratched or worn, so it may be time for a new set. Wouldn’t it be nice if said bakeware weren't just beautiful and useful, but kind to the planet?

If your bakeware hasn't changed since your wedding registry, it's time for a refresh. Luckily for us modern bakers, baking technology does change, and these days, there are several options available that are non-toxic, easy to use, and will give your cookies and cauliflowers that perfect golden glow.

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Our Top Picks for the Healthy Home Baker 

greenpan premiere organic authority
Ceramic coated bakeware by Caraway
greenpan premiere
Made In 3-piece bakeware set in slate blue
Staub shelf
stuffed peppers in a pure ceramic skillet by Xtrema Cookware
cast iron dish with egg and greens and toast
Staub 2.75 QT enameled Cast Iron Cocotte in grey.
Nancy Silverton French porcelain bakeware set by Made In.
Made In 3 piece porcelain bakeware in white with red trim.
glass casserole dish loading into oven
Pyrex Deeper 4 Piece Glass Bakeware Set
Aluminum sheet pan by Made In

Here’s the bottom line: Whatever you fancy baking up next, from copycat Girl Scout cookies to vegan cherry pie, this clean bakeware guide is your go-to to stock your kitchen with quality gear that is good for the planet and your health. And if you're curious which safe and healthy brands we like for your stovetop, be sure to check out our Non-Toxic Cookware Guide and see how the rest of your pots and pans measure up.

*Affiliate disclosure: Our team researched far and wide to find safe and clean bakeware options you’ll love using for all kinds of sweets and treats. If you make a purchase after clicking our links, Organic Authority may earn a commission, which goes a long way to support the good work our team does and reduces the number of ads we serve (as well as our Valrhona Chocolate habit.) 

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