Best Non-Toxic Bakeware: 2024 (6 Brand Picks)

This guide to non-toxic bakeware makes safe and healthy baking easy. Our expert chef tested everything from ceramic nonstick, pure ceramic, cast iron, French porcelain, glass, stainless steel and more.

Find safe non-toxic bakeware for your kitchen via Organic Authority's Guide. Image of baking ingredients on a blue board including butter, flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder.

If your bakeware hasn’t changed since you moved into your first apartment, and is full of old, hand-me-down scratched, dinged up pans, it’s time for a refresh.

Afterall, just like clean cookware, non toxic bakeware is an essential ingredient when it comes to making your favorite baked berry oatmeal, chocolate chip or coconut flour banana bread on Sunday mornings.

Luckily for us modern bakers, baking technology does change, and these days, there are several options available that are non-toxic, and ‘forever chemical’, PFAS and PTFE free, which means they’re easier on the planet and human health, easy to use, and will give your cookies and cauliflower that perfect golden glow.

The reality is – those locally sourced organic ingredients may not stand a chance when they’re cooked with “forever chemicals”.

Our Best Non-Toxic Bakeware Picks for the Healthy Home Baker 

Ceramic Coated Non-StickCaraway Bakeware SetGreenPan Premiere
Ceramic BakewareXtrema BakewareMade In Bakeware Set (Slate Blue, Olive Green)Staub 3 pc Ovenware Set
Porcelain BakewareMade In Bakeware Set (Red Rim, Navy Rim)
Cast Iron BakewareStaub 2.75 QT Cocotte 
Glass BakewarePyrex 4 pc Bakeware SetOxo 14 pc Glass Bake Serve & Store Set
Stainless Steel & AluminumAll-Clad Bake Stainless Steel Baking SheetsMade In Aluminum Sheet PansMade In Stainless Steel Sheet Rack
Transparent bakeware brands that use safe cooking materials.
Organic Authority

The Forever Chemical Risk in PTFE Bakeware

What are forever chemicals anyway? They’re a class of over 12,000 synthetic chemicals, known as PFAS chemicals that include PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), GEN X, PFAs, PFOS, and PFOAs (which are now phased out). They are known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t break down in the human body or the environment.

Originally discovered by DuPont in 1938, the maker of Teflon coated non-stick cookware, these chemicals are not only pervasive in PTFE non-stick bakeware and cookware, but consumer products overall (think food packaging, toilet paper, cosmetics, fire-fighting foam and more).

Today, science is finding that persistent PFAS chemicals can collect in blood and organs, and have been linked to testicular and kidney cancer, infertility, liver damage, and thyroid disease. 4,5.

Is an easy cleanup worth the risk?

Safe Non-Toxic Bakeware for Your Kitchen

Thankfully, nobody is making you choose between your health and a clean kitchen (because who has time to scrape scrambled eggs off of the bottom of a pan every time you want a delicious breakfast?!).

Our expert chef Laura Klein has been personally testing non toxic bakeware for 10 years. She’s got you covered from your next clean cake pan, to non toxic baking sheets, to your next non toxic muffin pan (blueberry muffins, anyone?)

Whether it’s stoneware, enameled cast iron, or ceramic, chef Laura Klein is a pro when it comes to finding the best in non toxic, non stick bakeware. When it comes to cookware she’s dove into the differences between carbon steel, stainless steel, and even cast iron cookware and some of the best food storage sets (which we all need!).

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Which bakeware materials are safe and best used in baking?

When it comes to clean and healthy baking materials, in our experience, here’s the best. 

1. Safe Ceramic-Coated Nonstick Bakeware

Image of GreenPan Premiere non-toxic bakeware loaf pan with baked poundcake in the background. In the foreground are two slices of the poundcake on a modern white plate with butter slathered on all on a weathered wood countertop via organic authority
Ceramic-coated pans typically have a metal core and a ceramic coating. Our favorites are also non-stick.

Yeah, we all know Teflon (a.k.a. PTFE) is bad news. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as having your freshly baked batch of extra-dark, sweet potato brownies stick to the pan.

Luckily, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too.

If you’ve been daydreaming about comforting treats that easily pop from the pan to your mouth, ditch that old PTFE-coated metal cookware and go with ceramic. Ceramic coatings are stain-resistant, metal utensil-resistant, and most importantly, nonstick. And unlike PTFE-coated bakeware, ceramic has a much greener manufacturing process. Not to mention it’s so satisfying to watch your baked goodies slide ride off a ceramic cookie sheet! (And considering the public health issues linked to the former, that’s an essential change).

Caraway for Non-Toxic Ceramic-Coated Bakeware Sets

Image of a Caraway clean, non-toxic bakeware stored on modern kitchen counter with marble and marble backsplash. One bake pan sits out on a dish towel, and the rest are stored in Caraway Home's storage containers.
Caraway is a super cute non-toxic bakeware option that comes in tons of colors in the classic collection to match your kitchen aesthetic. We’re loving the Iconics Collection, that comes with gold hued handles. Credit: Caraway

When it comes to ceramic coated nonstick, Caraway is one of our top picks (read our review of Caraway cookware). This nonstick bakeware is made with aluminized steel coated with ceramic. The brand tests for surface level contaminants like lead and cadmium, is California Prop 65 compliant, and happily provided their lab test results upon request.

After using the Caraway set for several months, our editor-in-chief and resident chef, Laura Klein, loves the clean design and useful storage rack that comes with a set.

“I love Caraway’s nonstick bakeware,” she says. “It’s easy to use and clean. I love that baked goods easily release from the surface, so I don’t have to use a lot of butter or oil if I don’t want to.”

Whether you choose ceramic coated nonstick, or something else, invest in one or two essential pans or an entire set that will satisfy all your baking dreams. Caraway even has a half, five piece bakeware set if a full bakeware set is too much. Both come with organizers that we absolutely love.

Image of caraway bakeware sets in pretty colors like cream, perracotta and blue. This is a review of caraway bakeware by a green chef, Laura Klein
Caraway Bakeware in cream, perracotta and blue. Credit: Caraway Home

What’s included in a full set:

  • 2x Storage (yes, please!)
  • 18×13-inch Baking Sheet
  • 15×10-inch Pan
  • 12-Cup Muffin Pan
  • 9×13-inch Rectangle Pan
  • 18×13-inch Cooling Rack
  • 9-inch Square Pan
  • 1-pound Loaf Pan
  • 9-inch Circle Pans x2

Price: $545, $395 at time of publish

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GreenPan Premier Bakeware Set

Image of Greenpan premiere nontoxic bakeware set on grey concrete counter with dark slate backsplash. One GreenPan baking sheet is on a cutting board with roasted chicken breasts with broccoli, and another pan sits next to it with roasted root veg and onion.
GreenPan continues to be one of our favorite brands for their quality- and the new Premier set is no exception!Credit: GreenPan

This new award winning line from GreenPan (one of our favorite brands!) is a baker’s dream. Every piece features their signature PFAS-free ceramic nonstick coating for healthier oven cooking. 

When it comes to non-toxic nonstick bakeware, GreenPan takes the cake. Not only is it good for you and your kitchen, but it’s also intentionally designed for convenience- this one-piece design was crafted to eliminate food traps (which, let’s be real, the last thing you want after whipping up a delicious and healthy home cooked meal is to have to scrape it out of a crevice!). 

It’s crafted from cast aluminum to deliver even heating and remarkable durability, and we know from earlier investigations of GreenPan that they use recycled aluminum to be more sustainable in their production—heck yeah.

(Oh- and did we mention it’s award winning?)

A GreenPan Premiere set is all you need for dinner and dessert—think delicious vegan apple bars in the square pan (served a la mode, naturally), and our Baked Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables with Maple-Tahini Dressing on the half-sheet. You can also buy single pans if a set is too much. 

Image of GreenPan Premiere non-toxic bakeware loaf pan with baked poundcake in the background. In the foreground are two slices of the poundcake on a modern white plate with butter slathered on all on a weathered wood countertop via organic authority
Greenpan’s Premiere Ovenware’s safe nonstick surface makes baking Sunday’s bread a breeze. 

What’s included in a set:

  • 18×13-inch Half Sheet Pan
  • 13×9-inch Quarter Sheet Pan
  • 13×9-inch Rectangular Baker
  • 8×8-inch Square Baker

Price: $244.99
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2. Ceramic: Is Ceramic Bakeware Non-toxic?

Image of Staub-3pc-stoneware-set non-toxic bakeware set on white marble counter with a rough, white stucco wall backsplash. Also on the counter are natural wood cutting boards leaning against the wall, and a white marble utensil cup with wood utensils.
Ceramic bakeware is pure as they come, and may last a lifetime.Credit: Staub

Another safer alternative to PTFE-coated cookware is cookware made entirely from ceramic. Some of our favorite brands in this category include Made In, Staub, or Xtrema® Pure Ceramic Cookware.

Made In Ceramic Bakeware Sets

Image of Made In 3-piece non-toxic bakeware set in slate blue  on plain white background via Organic Authority
Made In’s ceramic bakeware in blue. Credit: MadeIn

Made In’s ceramic bakeware is made from high-fired clay that’s oven safe up to 482F. Its thermal shock resistant enameled surface creates a naturally nonstick, smooth baking surface, resulting in a durable dish that’s microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. This company also boasts excellent environmental stewardship – for more deets, read on, because we cover it below in the section on their French porcelain bakeware. You can buy a whole set or singles. Their square non-toxic cake pan is a favorite for birthday cakes.

What’s included in a set:

  • 12×9.5-inch Square Baking Dish (w/ handles)
  • 17.25×10.25-inch Rectangular Baking Dish (w/ handles)
  • 14.38×8.5-inch Oval Gratin Baking Dish (w/ handles)

Price: $217, $189

Staub Stoneware

Image of wood shelf filled with beautiful Staub non-toxic bakeware sets on white marble counter with white square tile background and copper pot and utensils via Organic Authority
Staub is well known for their enameled cast iron, but they make ceramic bakeware as well.Credit: Staub

Staub’s stoneware, designed in France, is excellent at retaining heat and won’t absorb moisture. Finished with glass porcelain, these dishes are scratch- and thermal shock- resistant. Staub ceramics are oven and broiler safe up to 572F. They can easily be used in the microwave oven and are dishwasher safe.

What’s included:

  • 11-inch Oval Baking Dish
  • 9×13-inch Rectangular Baking Dish
  • 9-inch Pie Dish (yum!)

Price: $169, $129 at time of publish

Xtrema Pure Ceramic Bakeware

Image of hand pulling out of the oven, Xtrema's cake pan with cinnamon rolls.
Xtrema’s bakeware is made of pure ceramic materials. Their new cake pan bakes up mouthwatering Sunday’s cinnamon rollsCredit: Xtrema

Made from pure ceramic, Xtrema Bakeware is truly the choice for those whose top priority is their personal health and the environment (read our brand profile review of Xtrema cookware). Why? Because it’s made with just two ingredients — clay and water — making it the bakeware with the lowest carbon footprint around.

Luckily, Xtrema just released a new non-toxic Dutch Oven that Laura put to the test, making baking bread, soups and stews, roasted chicken, for you and your family ridiculously delicious. 

If you love desserts as much as you love durability, the new Xtrema 8.5-Inch square cake pan is guaranteed to be your go-to for your next cake or crumble.

And if that weren’t enough to knock your oven mitts off, the company has also made great strides in improving the sustainability of its packaging, phasing out Styrofoam and transitioning to a blend of 70 percent cardboard and 30 percent poly foam that’s 100 percent recyclable. Xtrema is also compliant with FDA and California Prop 65 guidelines for lead and cadmium.

Image of a 100% ceramic cookware, safe Dutch oven filled with crusty bread cooked to golden perfection in unbleached parchment paper. The lid of the black Xtrema Dutch oven sits off to the side on a white marble work surface with a white kitchen towel with gray stripes, a small white plate with a stick of butter and butter knife, a small black plate with a slice of fresh bread smeared with herb butter.
Xtrema’s new classic oval Dutch oven bakes up beautiful bread. Credit: Xtrema

Classic Oval Dutch Oven: 7.5-Quart with lid
Price: $349.99, $314.99 at time of publish

Square Ceramic Cake Pan: 8.5-inch Square Cake Pan (100% pure ceramic!)
Price: $92.99, $83.69 at time of publish

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3. Cast Iron Bakeware

Image of cast iron dish with egg and greens and toast in non-toxic bakeware on Organic Authority
There’s nothing quite like cast iron—everyone should have at least one cast iron pan at home.Credit: Staub

Heavy and durable, cast iron creates a crunchy crust and a rustic look on anything from cornbread to skillet cookies. Skillets can turn out lovely pies, loaves of bread, and one-pot dinners. Plus, it’s non-toxic, and cooking with cast iron can even help you get more iron in your diet (however beware if your system is sensitive to iron, check with your primary health care provider)

Staub Cast Iron Bakeware

Image of Staub 2.75 QT enameled Cast Iron Cocotte in grey non-toxic bakeware set with plain white background on Organic Authority
Bake homemade bread, roast a chicken, or make a pot of soup in your enameled bakeware.Credit: Staub

When it comes to cast iron, we’re head over heels for Staub. Their Dutch oven, au gratin dish, and roaster are some of our top choices for braises, bakes, and roasts, and we especially love these dishes for baking homemade bread. You can read more in our review of Staub cookware, and their clean enameled cast iron pots and pans. They truly are as beautiful and useful. 

Staub’s gorgeous cookware boasts a unique black matte enamel coating made of quartz particles, putting the bling in bakeware. Not just pretty to look at, this surface promotes exceptional browning and also resists wear and tear from metal utensils on the rare (or, uh, not so rare…) occasion you throw caution to the wind and neglect to grab, instead, your trusty wooden spoon. Plus, their Dutch ovens are so beautiful that you can leave them on your stovetop as a homey decorative touch when not in use.

Another big reason we love Staub? Their commitment to environmental stewardship and workers’ rights are naturally built into the company philosophy and core values. When you purchase bakeware from Staub, you’re not just ensuring healthy, safe, and delicious food, but you’re also supporting a company that cares for its workers and the environment. Now that’s a winning recipe.

Cocotte Specs: 2.75-qt Round Cocotte with lid
Choose from 7 colors
Price: $279.99 at time of publish

4. Porcelain Non-Toxic Bakeware

Image of Nancy Silverton French porcelain nontoxic bakeware set with simple wood background by Made In on Organic Authority
Porcelain is classy AND non-toxic. Just like you! This is Made In’s Nancy Silverton French porcelain bakeware collection. We love the playful finish. Credit: MadeIn

As much as we love ceramic, we might have an even softer spot for porcelain, at least when it comes to bakeware. French porcelain is oven-safe up to 650F, as compared to just 482F for ceramic clay. It just might be more durable than ceramic, porcelain also heats evenly and gently, and it’s naturally nonstick to boot.

Laura makes everything in this set from Thanksgiving’s sweet potato casserole, to mashed potatoes, baked berry oatmeal and more. 

Made In French Porcelain Bakeware Set

Image of Made In's 3 piece porcelain nontoxic bakeware in white with red trim on plain white background.
Made In’s French porcelain bakeware is crafted from a 200-year-old recipe. Credit: MadeIn

Let’s be honest: when it comes to food, the French kind of own the landscape in a major way. From a real pain au chocolat to real porcelain, French companies have cookware craftsmanship on lock.

One of our favorite brands for French porcelain is Made In (read our review of Made In cookware). Made from a 200-year-old porcelain recipe, this bakeware boasts natural nonstick properties, plus high heat conduction and performance. It’s pretty much guaranteed turn your baking game up a few notches.

And we’re not the only ones who think so: Nancy Silverton, the James Beard Award-winning chef, baker, and founder of the famous La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles, even helped develop a special edition three-piece bakeware set in collaboration with Made In. We’re also crazy about the baking slab. Pull this baby out with a slab pie in it at your next dinner party, and people will be wow’d.

Aside from the food celebrity street cred, Made In is also 100 percent lead and cadmium-free, and is California Prop 65 compliant. Their environmental initiatives are another reason to love them:

  1. They keep and re-use their water and materials whenever possible.
  2. Seventy-five percent of the heat in their factory comes from the kiln.
  3. The improved insulation of their kilns decrease energy loss by 50 percent.
  4. A partnership has led to their using defective products or broken pieces in the surface of the roads and pavement, lending those surfaces a shinier look and a better reflection of light at night, which helps to lower electricity consumption.
Image of Made In's 3 piece porcelain nontoxic bakeware in white with red trim on plain white background.
Made In’s French porcelain bakeware set comes in many colors. Credit: MadeIn

What’s Included:

  • 12×9.5-inch Square Baking Dish (w/ handles)
  • 17.25×10.75-inch Rectangular Baking Dish (w/ handles)
  • 14.38×8.5-inch Oval Gratin Baking Dish (w/ handles)

Price: $269 at time of publish
If you don’t need a full set, you can buy single baking dishes too. 

5. Glass: Is glass bakeware non-toxic?

Image of glass nontoxic bakeware casserole dish loading into oven by a woman wearing oven mitts.
Glass is a classic—you might even have your mom’s old Pyrex casserole dish in a cabinet. It’s also non-toxic, and it’ll never become “worn out.”Credit: Glass bakeware by Alex Lam

If you’re the type of baker that likes to see what’s going on inside the pan as it bubbles away, you might like glass bakeware. Easy to clean, naturally nonstick, and free of toxic chemicals, it’s pretty charmant if we do say so ourselves.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware

Image of Pyrex Deeper 4 Piece Glass non-toxic Bakeware Set on plain white background.
We love any dish that’s non-toxic and doubles as leftover storage.Credit: Pyrex

Brands like Pyrex are classics, and you can add some vintage flair to your collection (without hours spent combing through thrift stores) with the company’s designed-in-Paris glass pie dish.

This dish is a stalwart for a reason. It can go from freezer to oven no prob (yes, you can assemble and freeze your whole pie ahead of time), and the clear glass affords the perfect opportunity to watch the exterior brown to golden perfection when you just can’t stare at your screen a moment longer.

What’s included:

  • 9×13-inchBaking Dish
  • 8×8-inch Square Baking Dish
  • 2 lids

Price: $33.91 at time of publish

6. Stainless Steel Bakeware: Best in Non-Toxic Baking Sheets

Image of non-toxic baking sheet with baked chocolate chip cookies, some cookies on the baking sheet and some on cooling rack on counter next to stainless steel canister containing flour.
Cookie lovers (and cookie monsters) deserve to use above-average baking sheets! Make sure you’re using non-toxic baking sheets.Credit: Image by Lisa Hanly

A favorite among professional chefs and bakers, stainless steel is a workhorse on the pastry line, too. Stainless steel heats evenly, promoting uniform browning, and it won’t rust. Large sheet trays can roast a week’s worth of veggies or deliver a perfect batch of your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies.

Williams Sonoma Thermo-Clad Stainless Steel Ovenware

Image of two cookie sheets and one cooling rack on marble counter top. All from Williams Sonoma.
The Thermo-Clad tech in Williams Sonoma’s ovenware is pretty stellar for sheet pan dinners like this sheet pan chicken recipe.Credit: Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma’s Ovenware utilizes Thermo-Clad technology to ensure even heat distribution- perfect for homemade cookies or roasted organic vegetables! Their 3-ply construction and aluminum core is the secret to their efficient temperature control and heat transfer. 

The design is sleek, minimalist, and efficient, including side handles that ensure a steady grip (even with oven mitts!). Once those homemade cookies are done baking, the cooling rack is the perfect size to fit over their baking sheet. This Williams Sonoma-exclusive design is exclusively theirs, and perfect for your kitchen!

What’s Included:

  • 2 14×17-inch cookie sheets
  • 16.25×13.5-inch cooling rack

Pric: $149.95 at time of publish

Made In Baking Sheets + Cooling Racks

Image of Aluminum non toxic sheet pan by Made In on simple white background.
Made In uses 3004 aluminum, the highest level of food-grade aluminum, in their baking pans.Credit: Made In

Speaking of baking sheets (and cookies…), we’re loving Made In’s baking sheets and cooling racks. The latter are made from coated stainless steel, while the baking sheets are made from commercial grade 3004 aluminum.

Aluminum is a favorite among chefs thanks to its durability and quick, even heating. That said, there has been some worry about aluminum as it pertains to leaching when it comes into contact with acidic foods. And using aluminum may also be a point of concern for those with heavy metal sensitivities and/or who are immunocompromised. That’s why we recommend using 3004 aluminum, the highest level of food-grade aluminum, for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, and more.

 Made In Baking Sheet: 17.75×13-inch FullyRimmed Aluminum Sheet Pan (comes in ½ sheet and ¼ sheet, as well as standard and nonstick!)
Price: $25 (for ½ sheet standard) at time publish

Made In Sheet Pan Rack: 16.5×11.4-inch sheet pan rack
Price: $15 at time publish

Here’s the bottom line: Whatever you fancy baking up next, from copycat Girl Scout cookies to vegan cherry pie, this clean bakeware guide is your go-to to stock your kitchen with quality gear that is good for the planet and your health. And if you’re curious which safe and healthy brands we like for your stovetop, be sure to check out our Non-Toxic Cookware Guide and see how the rest of your pots and pans measure up.

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