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5 Watermelon Varieties to Try this Summer

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We're loving organic watermelon this summer. Bright red and juicy, watermelon is emblematic of the season... and watermelon seed spitting competitions! But in this day and age, watermelon has moved leaps and bounds from the bright red version we know and love. Of course, we're not talking about genetically modified versions, or even Japanese square watermelons, but rather natural varieties that are a little bit unfamiliar but just as delicious.

1. Crimson Sweet

The Crimson Sweet watermelon is a familiar-looking red variety. It's one of the sweetest melons on the market, but it's smaller than some of the enormous picnic varieties, making it easier to transport.

2. Little Baby Flower

Yet another red variety, this melon, like its name suggests, is quite small, even when fully ripe. At about a kilo when ripe, Little Baby Flower is perfect for those who can't finish a whole large melon in a day or two, after which the cut flesh begins to dry out or turn slimy.

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3. Yellow Doll

Don't be alarmed if you're buying an early watermelon and cut it opened to reveal yellow flesh. It's not underripe... it's a Yellow Doll! This watermelon variety is one of the earliest, and it's quite sweet when ripe.

4. Golden Midget

The Golden Midget, on the other hand, is yellow on the outside, only to reveal pink flesh when cut opened. Another of the earlier varieties, the Golden Midget only obtains its yellow skin when perfectly ripe.

5. Cream of Saskatchewan

The juicy, Champagne-colored flesh of the Cream of Saskatchewan makes it a very interesting varietal to complement other melons. Serve it alongside a red and a yellow melon, balled with a melon baller, for three beautiful colors in one bowl.

As for what to do with all your watermelon, why not try a delicious watermelon recipe?

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