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4 Ways to Use Herbs in Fruity Summer Desserts

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The combination of strawberries and basil has become commonplace, but it’s far from the only way that you can use herbs in your fruity summer desserts. Herbs add a spicy, flowery note to even the simplest of desserts, making them that much more sophisticated. And to top it all off, herbs are perfect alongside seasonal summer fruits and berries! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to add herbs to fruity summer desserts, and start playing with your own recipes to create some new ones!

Peaches and Lavender

Peaches come from the almond family and have a slight, sweet nuttiness to them. Lavender highlights this beautifully, with its rich, flowery perfume. Try this combination with some of these delicious recipes:

Blueberries and Rosemary

Rosemary may seem like too strong a flavor to marry with delicate fruit, but that’s where blueberries come in. These powerhouses of both flavor and vitamins are a great match for woodsy rosemary. Try this innovative combo in the following recipes:

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Strawberries and Tarragon

We’ve already mentioned strawberries and basil, but what about strawberries and tarragon? Tarragon has a slight licorice aroma; the sweet-and-sour addition of strawberries is a great foil for the pronounced flavor of this herb. Try it in the following summer desserts:

Raspberries and Mint

In all honesty, mint goes well with pretty much any summer fruit; raspberries are a particularly great pairing, however, because of the richness that lies beneath their sweetness. This flavor is one reason why raspberries go so well with lime, but mint is a great summer alternative to this classic pairing. Try the combo in the following recipes:

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