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11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

We’re living in a strange time. As a result of COVID-2019, going to the grocery store is no longer safe in many parts of the world. And as the disease seeps into more and more of our communities, the idea of ordering food online is ever more appealing. If you’ve never explored meal delivery services before, this might be a good time to get started. Whether it’s meat, seafood, wine, or meal services, we’ve got the healthiest and most sustainable choices to get you started.

1. Revel Wine

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Revel Wine offers the best in organic wines delivered right to your doorstep. Revel Wines produces the leading 100 percent certified organic wine brand, Our Daily Wine. Our Daily Wine is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and has no detectable sulfites. The couple code below gets you 20 percent off on 12+ bottles, shipping included. COUPON CODE: ORGANICAUTH20

2. Dry Farm Wines

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Dry Farm Wines claims to be the only health-focused wine club in the world. All wines are additive-free and lab-tested for purity. The wines are also lower in sugars and in alcohol than many others, not exceeding 12.5 percent alcohol. All wines are either organic or biodynamic, not to mention low carb-friendly, irrigation free, fermented with 100 percent wild and native yeast, small batch, paleo and keto-friendly, free of industrial additives, and produced from older vines. 

3. Farm Foods

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Farm Foods sources sustainably-raised beef, pork, and chicken from small family farms across the country. The company also carries seafood, lamb and elk. It’s a great option if you’re looking for protein sources that you can stock up on and freeze and offers the best in grass-fed goodness without having to pick it out yourself at the grocery store.

4. Sakara

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Sakara meals are customizable and delivered fresh to your door (nationwide) based on your schedule. They include amazing options like a the red beet burger with chia oat bread and avocado or tthe “Mother Earth Bowl with Detox Dressing,” which includes roasted Brussels sprouts with rainbow slaw, pink pine nuts, and tarragon-tahini dressing. You can request contact-free delivery to have your meals left at your door or in your lobby to reduce the risk of contamination.

Don’t miss the SAKARAIMMUNITY promotion for two more weeks. Starting now and through April 9, you can buy selected products from the Clean Boutique (probiotics, Life Source Powder, detox/beauty drops) at a 20 percent discount as well as any meal delivery programs that start March 30, April 6, or April 13.

5. Purple Carrot

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Purple Carrot delivers delicious vegan meals like "Kimchi Tofu Stew with Bok Choy and Sticky Rice" or "Madras Style Cauliflower." Choose a meal plan that jives with your lifestyle, for example three two-serving meals per week for $46.94 or two four-serving meals per week for $54.92.

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6. Veestro

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Veestro prepares and delivers plant-based meals geared towards a variety of lifestyles and goals, whether you're trying to lose weight or just serve healthy meals the whole family will enjoy. The meals are made fresh before being frozen and delivered to your door once a week. Customize the plan to your needs, with ten meals for $117.

7. Hello Fresh

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Hello Fresh is one of the better known and most popular meal delivery services, with meals that are customizable for families, couples, and individuals. Choose from options like apricot chicken with jasmine rice and green beans; Korean beef bibimbap with zucchini, mushrooms and carrots; or sweet 'n' smoky pork tenderloin with apple carrot slaw, mashed potatoes, and cherry sauce. Meals are about $8.99 per serving.

8. Thrive Market

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

I’ve been a member of Thrive Market for years, and it’s a great resource. I buy all of my dry goods via this platform, including canned, boxed, and jarred foods as well as toiletries and even bamboo cutting boards. Deliveries usually arrive after a week, but with increased demand, expect to wait a little longer. The company's sustainable, organic foods and dry goods come at deep discounts, and once you reach a certain amount, delivery is free.

9. Urth Box

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Urth Box subscribers receive a monthly, customizable box with full-sized products that pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing standards. Choose from classic, vegan, diet, and gluten-free boxes. Each box could include anything from dried meats to crisps, juice cleanses, trail mixes, and cookies. Boxes range from $14.99 to $44.99.

10. Kettle + Fire

11 Great Wine and Meal Delivery Services in the Time of COVID-2019

Kettle + Fire bone broth promotes gut and digestive health in a time when you likely need it the most. According to the company, "Collagen and gelatin contain amino acids such as glutamine that supports a healthy inflammatory response." Choose your favorites with flavors like beef, turmeric-ginger, chipotle beef, and lemongrass ginger pho. Enjoy a six-pack for $7.99 per carton. 

11. FarmBox Direct


Farmbox Direct delivers the most delicious seasonal fruits and veggies to the entire continental United States. The company supports organic, local, and family farms and allows customers to customize boxes to suit their needs. Choose an "Only Organic Small Box" for $47.95 or a large box for $68.95.

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Please note, when making changes to your health care routine please get professional advice from your primary care physician. The above conversation is for discussion purposes only and is not medical advice. There isn’t a dietary supplement on the market that can cure, treat, or prevent COVID-19 or any disease. It is important to understand that with the ongoing pandemic, there is no one supplement, diet, or lifestyle changes, other than what’s recommended by the CDC including social distancing, hand washing, and hygiene practices, that can prevent you from being infected with the COVID-19 virus. There is no current research that supports the use of dietary supplements to protect you from the COVID-19 virus infection.

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