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11 Totally Free, Natural Remedies that You Always Have on Hand, Literally

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We all know how expensive health care and pain management can be. But did you know that you have free, easy, natural remedies literally at hand every day?

Poke and pinch your way to greater health with these handy acupressure points and natural remedies.

  1.  Tension Headache – Tense all muscles in your shoulders, scalp, jaw, neck and face. Hold for 30 seconds, and then suddenly release and relax all your muscles completely. Let go of the tension and watch your headache leave as well. Another natural remedy that can help migraine sufferers is allowing yourself to get the chills, which takes the pain away momentarily.
  2. Stomachache – Massage the sides of your knees just below the kneecaps to relieve your stomachache in this Asian acupressure technique.
  3. Leg Cramps – Pinch your phildrum, the skin between your nose and upper lip, gently yet firmly. Hold for 20 seconds until the cramping pain disappears.
  4. Menstrual Cramps – Rub your inner calf muscle in the center, about four finger-widths above your anklebone. Keep rubbing for at least 30 seconds. You’ll know that you’ve found the right acupressure point because it will be tender to the touch.
  5. Dry Mouth – Got cottonmouth? Chew on your tongue. Many people’s mouths go dry when they are nervous. Gently chew on your tongue for 30 seconds to remedy this issue. It will just look like you are chewing up a piece of candy or gum.
  6. Motion Sickness – Pinch while pulling out the skin in the center of your inner wrist, about one inch from your palm. Alternate wrists and keep doing it until you feel less nauseated.
  7. Fatigue – Feel like you’re about to fall asleep? Jog in place for two minutes, or inhale deeply and sing out a few lines of one of your favorite songs. You can also gently slap the insides of your elbows and knees. According to ancient Chinese medicine, these are the places where fatigue collects.
  8. Anxiety & Stress – Find the spot on your arm two thumb-widths above the skin crease at the base of your hand. Make a fist, and you will see the two main tendons that run up your arm. Release the fist, and gently press in with your thumbnail until you feel a comfortable pain. Massage in a circular motion for one minute, and then repeat on your other arm.
  9. Burned Fingers – Did you burn your fingers on a hot pan? Your earlobe is an acupressure point for pain. Gently place your burned fingertips on the front of your lobe, and your thumb on the back to relieve your pain.
  10. Sneezing – Place your index finger firmly under your nose like it is a mustache, pressing in, for about 30 seconds. Your sneezing fit will stop.
  11. Hiccups – Breathe in deeply, and hold it. Now without breathing out, swallow. Breathe in a little, and then swallow again. Repeat this process until you can’t anymore, and then breathe out very slowly. Your hiccups will be gone!
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