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19 Wellness Gifts to Jumpstart a Healthy 2019

Start the year off right, give the gift of wellness.
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19 Wellness Gifts

Champagne is nice, but there’s no better way to kick-start the New Year than with wellness! While many of us are fairly vigilant in our commitment to clean, organic, healthy products and lifestyle choices, there’s something about a brand new year that inspires us to renew, refresh and re-energize those commitments. The holidays can be hectic and even a little haywire, making the fresh calendar year a prime for reflection, restoration, and re-evaluation.

Below is a list of sensational wellness products that not only make tremendous, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, but that send a precious reminder: the most valuable thing you can invest in, this year or any other, is you! 


1. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip pure silk pillowcases are pure luxury! Highly recommended by beauty experts and dermatologists alike, these beauties are great for your skin and hair because they spare you from irritations like bedhead and face-crease! Silk sleep-masks and scrunchies also available. $85


2. Hum Nutrition Hair Gummies

Yummy gummies! These delicious vegan gummy hearts encourage hair growth and support healthy follicles. Ingredients like biotin, fo-ti, B12 and zinc keep hair vibrant and strong. $25


3. Plant Apothecary Body Washes

These USDA organic body washes are unisex and sexy! With names like GET HAPPY, BE WELL and BE GENTLE, these washes deliver both nourishment and encouragement. Essential oils bring an aromatherapy experience straight to your bath and ingredients like Coconut Oil Soap and Jojoba Oil Soap will have you singing. (It’s Ok, you’re in the shower!) $18


4. Addictive Wellness Beauty Chocolate

This raw heirloom artisanal chocolate is almost too good to be true! Vegan, paleo, GMO-free and sugar-free. Give yourself a sweet treat that doesn’t compromise your commitment to health and wellness! $21

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5. Moonjuice - Super You Daily Stress Management

No mixing, blending or shaking required. Just take two capsules of this adaptogenic herb blend to increase energy and reduce stress. No soy, dairy or sugar. Non-GMO and vegan. $49


6. The Nue Co Prebiotic + Probiotic

Sometimes you can just feel it in your gut: your gut needs help! Formulated specifically to address long-term digestive issues and IBS, this prebiotic + probiotic blend contains 15 billion spores per dose. Also improves immunity and encourages radiant skin. $85


7. Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate

If you’ve ever wanted to transform a bottle of water into a superfood H2O, now’s your chance! This magical elixir contains 72 trace minerals missing from your water, rose to soothe inflammation and silica to maximize cellular hydration. Just add 5-6 droppers to your water for improved hydration, circulation and digestion. $39


8. Ella Dry Brushing Body Brush

Never heard of a body brush? Well, you’re in for a treat! This brush exfoliates your skin, eliminating dead skin cells and improves blood flow and circulation. This unique brush incorporates nodes to give a softer and smoother massage. $14.25


9. Stamba Travel

Stamba Daily is a superfood blend in convenient capsule form. These organic, vegan supplements support digestion, sexual function, immunity, and balanced energy while reducing inflammation in the body. $45


10. Bodha Modern Smokeless Organic Incense

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Love incense but want to leave the burn behind? Have we got a surprise for you! Bodha Smokeless Organic Calm Ritual Incense provides a gentle and soothing fragrance with a smokeless burn. Rosewood, sage, and lavender come together to encourage calm and rest before bedtime. $28


11. Puori Protein Shakes

Rebuild and recover the muscles you work hard to define! This tasty vanilla protein shake is grass-fed, clean and GMO-free. Made with whey, vanilla and a sprinkle of coconut palm sugar. $67.87


12. 52 Lists For Happiness Journal

This inspirational journal will delight any list-lover! Hardback and stylish, the journal contains 52 list-prompts to encourage balance, joy, and happiness. Social media star Moorea Seale penned this delightful keepsake which includes illustrations and stunning photography. $12.64


13. Saje Aroma Om Essential Oil Diffuser

This black ceramic diffuser is both sleek and stylish. Perfect for the lover of aromatherapy and essential oils! The heat-free system preserves the benefits of the oils it releases into your home. $89.95


14. Frank Green Reusable Bottles

Choose from stainless steel or recyclable co-polymer, then customize the base, lid and button colors to suit your personal style! These gorgeous, durable reusable bottles are sure to become your on-the-go go-to! $32.50


15. Crystal Hills Organic Bath Salts

These bath salts are energized with quartz crystals and contain ingredients like dried sea salt, jasmine, neroli, and frankincense to uplift. Nicely displayed in a beautiful glass jar, it's the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Add salts to a muslin bag and immerse directly in bathwater for a delightfully relaxing rose-scented experience. $40


16. Body Vibes Sacred 6 Set of 12 Stickers

Ordinary stickers are righteous in their own right, but these are no ordinary stickers! This set of “vibrational frequency” stickers are on a mission to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Set includes adorable adhesives with specific focuses such as self-love and anti-anxiety. $64


17. Saje Shower Day Revitalizing Body Care Kit

Everyone loves a good shower kit! This goodie-bag includes Tingle Mint Body Wash, Tingle Mint Body Lotion and a Lavender and Honey Jute & Joy Soap Filled Wash Pod. 100% natural, plant-based essential oil blends with no fragrances, parabens or dyes. Ingredients like mint, lavender, and honey naturally soothe and nourish the skin and the soul! $38.95


18. Mindful Meditation Tone Therapy Speakers

No phone or other device is needed to experience the meditative tones of this mindful sound system. Just place the speakers in your palms or on your shoulders and relax. Soothing sounds designed to target anxiety and fear wash over the listener. An excellent addition to any meditative or yogic practice! $149


19. Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat

Recycled neoprene wetsuits were used to create these durable, high-quality mats. This product reduces waste and can be recycled itself once retired! Cushioning, insulating and beautiful, these mats are proudly made in California. $89

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