3 Reasons You’re Always Tired (Plus 3 Ways to Beat that Exhaustion)

This is why you're always tired.

We all feel exhausted sometimes--for any number of reasons. You know the feeling. Even though you get a great night sleep, you start to feel like you need a nap around 10 a.m. That always-tired feeling? It’s terrible. Excruciating, even.

To help you combat this terrible occurrence—because yes, feeling exhausted during waking hours is terrible—we’ve rounded up three of the top reasons exhaustion happens and some ways to handle this nagging problem.

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Always tired? Change your beverage.

Problem: You downed too much coffee

Coffee is a great waker-uper… in moderation. If you regularly down more than a few cups of coffee a day, you may be suffering from fatigue for various reasons. First off, too much coffee can lead to anxiety and jitters—two things that can wear your body out fast. Also, if you’re drinking too much coffee during the day, that high dose of caffeine—what’s considered 200mg and greater—could disrupt your sleep.

Solution: Switch your beverage

Limit your caffeine intake to one cup a day, in the morning. Or if you’re really looking to make a change, consider “brewing” up a matcha drink. (Matcha is, simply, green tea powder. We recommend buying an organic version.)

Try our recipe for an iced matcha latte. All you need to make this antioxidant rich drink is a cup of unsweetened almond milk, one teaspoon of matcha powder and either one tablespoon of maple syrup or raw honey. Or, make it a hot one and follow the directions on your matcha tea package.

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Always tired? Take some downtime.

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Problem: You refuse to take a chill pill

If you’re constantly going, going, going and refuse to take any time for yourself, you’re going to feel tired All.The.Time. And we know. You think if you take downtime, you will, inevitably, get behind. You’ll forget to do something incredibly important and will become a failure in two seconds. But that’s just your brain playing tricks on you. Taking downtime can help your brain rest and make seemingly impossible tasks doable.

Solution: Stretch it out

Practicing yoga is a great way to relax. Make sure you are never without your mat by investing in a super-light yoga mat that travels well, similar to this Manduka mat. It’s affordable—$40—and great for everyday relaxation. Want to up your practice… or at the very least remember when it’s time to meditate? Download a free meditation app, such as Headspace, to assess your mental state through the day.

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Always tired? Keep your gear with you.

Problem: You don’t move enough

Sure, exercise can be tiring, but not moving enough can be exhausting, too. If you wakeup, sit all day and then come home and do it all again, you probably feel more tired than you should. It’s that whole “I’ve been a passenger in a car all day, doing nothing, but I’m still so sleepy” phenomenon.

Solution: Make the time

While we understand that it’s hard to work in a daily workout, there are little things you can do through the day that all really add up. For example, get a small pair of dumbbells to keep at your desk, set a “move” alarm on your phone and lift them whenever it goes off. Also: Invest in a nice pair of running shoes and running gear and keep it all with you in a nice, easy-to-carry bag. We like the Gaiam Everything Fits Recycled Gym Bag. It’s $65 and its exterior is made of 100 percent recycled polyester.

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