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5 Healthy Foods to Eat for Gorgeous Hair & Nails


We're BIG proponents of 'you are what you eat' - in case you missed all million memos... manifestos really. The idea of beauty coming from within is generally spoken of in terms of one's heart and disposition - which we love too! - but here we're talking about that seemingly-shallow physical beauty; the way your hair shines, skin glows and nails glisten. All these things are inextricably tied to what you eat. Genetics? Sure. Diet? Absolutely!

Showcase the following foods in your healthy diet that already included fresh, organic fruits and veggies and whole grains (right?) for long, lustrous hair and nails that look gorgeous.

Beans This family of chili participants is lean protein at its finest. And since hair and nails are made up of proteins, including a plethora of these polypeptides in your diet is crucial to the strength of both.

Swiss Chard The B vitamin biotin is absolutely essential to nail and hair health. Even mild defiencies in biotin can lead to hair loss and slow growth of hair and nails. Eating a biotin-rich diet can help prevent nail breakage, strengthen your nail tissue and treat brittle nails, while also encourages your hair to grow more quickly without falling out.

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Nuts These little nutrition nuggets are packed with essential fats, vitamin E and B vitamins, all of which can significantly improve the appearance of hair and nails. 

Dates Let the date be your sweetener of choice to infuse your diet with the proper iron necessary for the growth of healthy hair and nails. An iron deficiency can cause overall nail weakness, as well as slow hair growth, if not hair loss.

Bananas Go bananas, for the mineral silica is thought to improve hair thickness.

Couple this with our9 of the Best Foods to Eat for Skin that Glows and your beauty regimen with be complete from the inside out. 

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