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5 Products That’ll Spice Up Your Sexual Wellness Routine

Because sexual wellness is the new self-care.
sexual wellness routine product picks

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but we’re not here with an ordinary gift guide. You won’t find us advising you on what to gift your lover this year, recommending locally-bought flowers, or a box of vegan chocolates. Instead, we’ll be encouraging you to evaluate and improve upon your sexual wellness habits today and all throughout the year.

Self-care is a big trend in the health and wellness realm, but it’s also one we hope will remain evergreen. Because of the hustle and bustle, constant connectedness, and little downtime we experience, taking care of ourselves can easily fall to the wayside.

The openness and self-promotion of self-care on social media in recent years has become contagious, leaving a trail of clay masks, candle-lit bubble baths, and generous pours of Chardonnay in its wake. 

But there’s one crucial component that’s usually missing, and it’s because we consider it too taboo to share masturbation habits alongside our manuka honey mask recipes. And perhaps even more shocking than the silence surrounding sexual wellness, is the idea that if we’re not regularly taking care of our most basic needs related to relaxation and resetting, then what, exactly, does that say about our sex lives? 

We think sexual wellness is important. Meaningful sex, whether alone or with someone, can improve the quality of our lives by leaps and bounds.  

Greater Good magazine, published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that during a sexual well-being study, “the size of the difference in well-being for people having sex once a week, compared with those having sex less than once a month, was greater than the size of the difference in well-being for those making $75,000 compared with $25,000 a year.” 

Our advice? Money may not bring you happiness, but regular sex with someone you care about might, so get busy! 

1. Red Ginseng 

Pukka Red Ginseng

Touted by scientists as one of the aphrodisiacs that actually work, step aside chocolate, oysters, and wild yam, ginseng is an ancient herbal remedy used for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and treating low libidos, including medical conditions like erectile dysfunction.

Try the Wholistic Red Ginseng supplement ($26) because it’s a quality product from Pukka, experts in fine herbs, herbal teas, and supplements. Plus, this easy-to-pop pill is the perfect way to improve your sexual desire, and thereby improve your sexual wellness, without having to overhaul your life. 

2. Full Spectrum CBD Elixir 

Ojai Energetics CBD

One of the biggest obstacles for having more sex and enjoying it is stress. It’s important to foster a positive mind-body mentality, which, for many women, begins between the ears anyway. We recommend relaxing with a CBD tincture that’s made with certified organic, regeneratively grown ingredients.

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From the Organic Authority Files

This full spectrum formula from Ojai Energetics ($74.95) is water soluble which makes it more bioavailable and effective and is made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds. 250mg of Ojai Energetics CBD is equal to approximately 500mg of other CBD tinctures on the market. Most feel the effects in about 30 seconds with proper dosage. 

It comes with the added bonus of the additional nutritional punch with ingredients like moringa and acerola cherry (if you would like more CBD recommendations, check out our CBD guide). Try a dropper of this in the morning and then again in the afternoon for a mentality that’s smooth sailing from the moment you wake up until the moment you slide between the sheets. 

3. Ylang Ylang Candle 

Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine Candle

Essential oils expert Zoë Welch gave us the scoop last year on the best oils for boosting your desire. We discovered that jasmine and ylang-ylang are aphrodisiacs in the world of aromatherapy, with Welch declaring the latter fragrance as great for “feeling sexy and frisky.”

We discovered a La Jolie Muse candle ($19) that combines the best of both aromatic scents, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, making this ideal for lighting before or during a time of sexual self-care. Made from 100 percent soy with 60 to 80 hours of burn time, you’ll reap a lot of enjoyment from this simple sexual wellness booster. 

4. CBD Pleasure Gel 

CDB Pleasure Gel

We’re beginning to learn about all the benefits that CBD has to offer–greater mental clarity, less anxiety, and a better mood, to name a few. But now you can add pleasure enhancing to that list of amazing things.

CBD-infused lubricants are the latest “it products” in the world of sexual wellness, but this is one trend that you’re going to have to pry from my cold, dead hands because I’m not giving it up. This 100mg bottle of CBD Pleasure Gel ($20) has been life-changing for me and I think other women might think so, too, especially if you deal with delayed climaxing or difficulty becoming aroused. 

5. Sensual Massage Oil 

Sensual Massage Oil

Human touch is incredible. Just giving your lover a hug releases a flood of oxytocin, bringing you closer together, not to mention its ability to relieve stress and become a gateway to deeper intimacy. We think giving and receiving massages is a superior form of sexual wellness that relies on the beauty of its simplicity–two naked or partially-clothed bodies focusing their energy only on each other.

For that reason, we’ve chosen this all-natural Sensual Massage Oil ($11) containing just three ingredients: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and lavender oil. Made from the finest oils, this blend will help you relax with your lover and let your hands do the talking. 

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